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"Cmon." He pulls me inside to the bed room. His hands linger on my back as he kisses my neck. I rest my hands on his broad shoulders. He slowly unties my top and throws it to the side. I blush as his hands explore my body, one on my breast and the other dipping into my skirt. I fist his smooth shirt in my hands. His cold rings burning into my skin. I moan as he dips into my wetness.

"Daddy..." I barely choke out in ecstasy. He pushes me onto the bed and drags my skirt off. He quickly undresses himself. I gawk at his toned chest and littered tattoos. He crawls over me slowly.

My fingers cling to his tattooed wrists as he adjusts himself. I nervously stare up at the ceiling. His warm breath fans my shoulder as he begins to push in to me. My body tenses beneath his as he fills me completely and he's only tip in.

"Harry." I gasp as he his hand grips my hip tightly.

"Relax baby girl," he cups my check and kisses me deeply.

"But call me Harry again and I will wreck you." He growls in my ear. I nod nervously. He continues to push in. Once he gets a little more in I feel a tightness. He takes a deep breath and leans his head back and pushes through slowly. I whimper at the stretching and Harry's grunts. He grips the sheets by my head.

"Shit." He says through gritted teeth. I moan watching him hold back. I wrap my hands around his neck to his long hair and pull on it as he begins to move more.

"Uhn," I gasp as Harry begins to really pick up the pace. His waist moving rapidly against mine. I moan louder as he works his magic. He then reaches down and begins to rub my clit.

I close my eyes blinded with pleasure.

"I- I'm close." He grunts. As his finger draw circles, I'm drawn closer to the edge.

"Me too daddy." I hum grip his hair and letting my hands grasp at whatever he had to offer.

"Not yet, wait baby girl." He begins thrusting more and his hand becoming more intense. I grip the sheets not knowing how much I can take. My entire body is radiating in pleasure. It's practically an outer body experience I can't fathom the extreme pleasure I'm feeling right now.

"Daddy I can't wait." I manage to choke out. I grip his shoulders as he quickens even more.

"I can't." I repeatedly chant As he continues to press me forward. My legs tingling with pressure and my stomach tying in knots, my mind is blanking on how to respond. I moan loudly into his shoulder and whimper at his persistence.

"Please." I beg, putty in his hands, quite literally.

"Now." He finally says and I sigh relaxing my body and succumbing to him. He grunts thrusting sloppily and moving his fingers quicker.

"Daddy," I whimper repeatedly. I take deep breaths trying to get myself under control as I come down from the high. Harry collapses on me. His hair clinging to his forehead. I play with the wet curls and push it back from his face. He takes deep breaths rolling over beside me withdrawing from me. I relax feeling empty and already yearning for the fulfillment again. I turn to him cuddling him. He instantly turns away and sits up in the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower." He announces and I'm not sure if thats an invitation or just a statement. I watch as he walks into the bathroom without a second glance and locks the door. I begin to fidget with my hands and the feelings of regret start to creep in. I get up pulling on my underwear and his shirt. I walk in to the kitchen to keep myself busy. I fumble around the kitchen until I find some chips and a water bottle I take big into the living room and turn on the tv. I try to stay occupied to keep from thinking about anything dealing with Harry.

I settle on New Girl. I try to laugh at it as I normally do but I can't shake this looming feeling of regret and rejection.

He probably thought I wasn't good enough and I disappointed him because he was so determined I was going to be a good fuck. A worthy fuck. A fuck worth cheating with.

He's probably regretting everything, he's probably in the shower wondering how he's going to get rid of me. I should just go before he comes out and I can make it easier for him.

I hurry into the room pulling on my couch this and slipping on one shoe and looking for the other. I hear the shower cut off and I hurry to find my shoe I finally find it and ditch for the door. As soon as the click of the bathroom door opens I shut the door softly.

"Shit,shit, shit." I hiss as I press the button repeatedly. "Please hurry." I beg.

Damn you Harry Styles and your pent house suite.

The door dings and hurriedly step into the elevator and press close door. The doors wind together slowly and s hand interjects. I hold my breathe as the doors open again and reveal a man standing there. I let out a breath as its not Harry.

"Uh, hello." I mutter. He nods and I try not to look like I've just had sex, although I probably smell awful.


long time no see, eh?

Sorry, smuts not quite my strong suite. I'm sorry if this sucks but hey thanks for reading.


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