2 Years earlier.

• • •

Sydney's safe haven had only been safe for a couple of days before it was run over by the Undead.

"They're here!"

Taryn watched as the soldiers guarding the camp gathered near the entrance as the gates were trampled by a large herd of Zombies. They slowly poured in, unfazed by the bullets whizzing past their bodies. The bullets that connected seemed to have no effect on the Undead. No matter how many holes were left in their bodies or limbs they lost, they kept on strolling into the camp, only stopping to feed on the soldiers.

It was the first time Taryn had seen Zombies in real life and the shock had frozen her in her spot. She didn't know what to think or do until she felt a hand grasp her arm. She gasped loudly in fear of it being one of the Zombies, pulling her arm away in response.

"Taryn! It's me," a familiar voice spoke up loudly over the screams and cries around them. "We gotta go!"

Michael grabbed hold of her once more and pulled her away from the deadly scene that was enfolding mere meters away from them. As they ran away towards their parents, they pushed past the scared and screaming crowd of helpless people.

More soldiers were heading into battle with the Undead and they could hear one of the officers shout out instructions on how to kill them.

"Aim for their heads! The brain is your target!"

"They're not dropping, sir!"

Taryn looked over her shoulder back at the chaos of the fight and sudden realisation hit her. The Zombies weren't to be killed the same way as they'd always been told in books and films. No wonder the military hadn't been able to contain the spread. The lack of knowledge of how to kill the Zombies was the real reason the Outbreak had grown so fast in such a short amount of time.

"Taryn!" Michael shouted at her, pulling her arm to keep up.

She snapped out of her thoughts and regained focus on their escape. A few seconds later they caught up with both their parents. Michael nor his parents had any weapons, but Taryn had taken the Katana that had once hung in her father's study room as decoration. Her mother had called her crazy, but she was unaware that her daughter had secretly been practising wielding after having watched Kill Bill a few years back, and Taryn wasn't leaving their house without a weapon to protect herself with.

Her father was already holding the sword and tossed it into his daughter's hands, nodding at her as to tell her he trusted her to handle it correctly. She gave him a small smile to thank him and even though she'd never been so scared in her life, she knew she'd do everything in her power to keep her group safe.

There wasn't much time to discuss anything else as Michael instructed everyone to follow him to the only other way out. He hoped that it was still a viable exit, but the only way they'd find out was to check themselves. As he led the way, Taryn was the last one to follow, deciding the best way to protect everyone was to stay closest to the Zombies that they left in their trail.

Luckily they had made their way out of the camp and decided to run towards their cars to drive off to safety. Not wanting to split up, they jumped into the Clifford's car. Michael's father was driving, his mother in the passenger seat and Taryn's parents in the back along with Michael who had his girlfriend sitting on his lap as they sped off into the night.

They drove for two hours until they couldn't go any further as a small herd of Zombies blocked the road.

"Fuck," Michael's father muttered. "What now?"

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