No longer a virgin

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this is for msft_kelsey . I'm really bad at rated r, so im gonna try my best. Hope you like it


Your POV

Prince- y/n when do you think we can you know 'do it'

Me- well Prince you wanna know something?

Prince- go on...

Me- i'm a virgin. I said shyly

Prince- really?! awww, but do you know how it works?

Me- of course

Prince- so when do you plan to loose it and who to?

Me- soon and to your friend Roc, ooo he sexy

Prince- y/n not cool

Me- just kidding, you of course! So are you expirienced?

Prince- i have had sex 3 times if you must know?

Me- same girl?

Prince- same girl

Me- in a relationship or just a little fling

Prince- relationship

Me- how long for

Prince- 2 and a half years

Me- oh okay, you're trusted

Prince- good to know

Me- so how did it end?

Prince- she wasn't wanting to settle down yet so i ended it . I love her so much, and i still wish her the best. It was tough to let her go but gotta do what you gotta do i guess

Me- ah okay

Prince- but now, i love you, so very much. He said as he grabbed both my hands.

Me- do you realise how wrong you phrased that? it seems like you're moved on from loving her to loving me, which isn't right

Prince- you get what i mean though?

Me- yeah, yeah i do

Prince Kissed me. Seconds later he slid his tongue in, i jumped a little, it was unexpected. I deepened the kiss. He pulled away and began to kiss my neck. While doing that Prince took off my shirt, then i started to undo his belt. I was so ready for this, i'm in love with him, and this is the most special way to show it.

Prince POV

I'm gonna try and get y/n in the bed. But what if she stops me, knowing what i'm trying to do. Maybe the sofa is a good idea,its faster. Yeah the sofa. She's gonna loose it to me, today, it will symbolise our love, thats exactly what i want.

*all clothes off*

Y/n- uh where's the protection prince?

Me- GOD DAMN IT!! I'll be right back

I put on my robe and ran to the store.

Me- hi uh, just these please. I said tapping my feet and breathing heavily. The person at the desk gave me weird looks, i ignored them.

Store Worker- that'll be 5.99 please

*hands him the money*

Me- thanks. I said as i walked out the door


I turned around and winked at him. As soon as the door closed I ran right back to my house. I wiped my feet on the mat and ripped off my robe, I then jumped on top of y/n and put on the condom.