"Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means you don't let fear stop you."

- Bethany Hamilton

Candice POV

The next morning Eric and I both got dressed before heading to the dining hall for breakfast. I sat between Four and Lip and chatted, they were telling me that today was their final test and tonight the final rankings were going to be announced.

"I'm kind of nervous about today, I mean all the leaders will be there to watch. What if something happens?" Meg said, Kev laid an arm around her and squeezed her shoulder.

"You'll do just fine love. Just do what you've done so far and nothing will go wrong." He reassured her.

"And while you enjoy your last day of initiation, I'll start stage two all by myself. Don't even know what it means." I grumpily applied.

"Don't worry C, you'll do fine just like the rest of us has. Though I can't tell you what it is, I can assure you it's a lot more tiresome then stage one but if Kim can do it so can you." Kev said and everyone laughed except me and Four. I obviously didn't know what they meant and Four rarely laughs in public so.

"Yeah well good luck today you guys, we'll see each other later right?"

"Definitely, good luck to you too Candice, you'll need it." Meg said with a reassuring smile. She was always so caring.


"Are you ready to go Candice? The sooner we start the sooner you'll be out and then you'll have the whole day to do whatever you want." Four said before we both stood up and left to wherever he was taking me.

We arrived to a single room, all-white with just what looked like a dentist chair in the middle and a computer with a few cable cords lying just beside it.

"Sit down." Four told me and I obliged.

"What is all this?"

"This is stage two, also known as fear simulation."

"Fear simulation?" I asked a bit scared.

"In stage two you are to get inside your mind and see what you are afraid of. To face your fears and find a way to overcome them."

"So I am to face my own fears? How do I know what I'm afraid of how does this all work?" I kept asking him questions while he fiddled with the computer.

"To answer your first question, it's yes. As for your other questions, you either know before hand or you will find out when you're in the simulation. You will be getting a serum, similar to the one they gave you on your aptitude test only you'll not drink this one, I will inject it in your neck with a needle." Four explained to me. I wasn't afraid of needles, however I was afraid of what I was going to be experience once I'm in the simulation.

"Are you ready?" Four asked me.

"I guess so; it's not like could have been practicing for this." I said, lying down on the chair while Four placed the cable cords on my head.

"You'll do well, I promise. I will be monitoring everything that is happening in there through this screen. All you have to remember is that you have two options in order to end the fear, you either take on your fear and find something that will stop it or you have to calm yourself down, slow down your heart rate and your breathing. When you've done that, the simulation should stop and you'll be back here."

"Okay that shouldn't be too hard to do right?"

"I guess you have to find out for yourself." Four said. He then brushed aside my hair and cleansed my neck with some kind of wet napkin before he grabbed a big ass needle with some sort of liquid inside it and slowly injected it into my neck.

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