Chapter 4: Deigil

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Their swords clashed and scrapped against each other, but all that was going through Deigil's mind was. Impress her, she had to impress her captain, but how could she when the leader was almost ten times as strong as her. Meathil was so impressive that it made even her swoon, she was strong and fast, she knew how to use many weapons and magic, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had to keep her head in the game or else she would be turned into a shish kabob by the spear her leader just made appear. She didn't even like shish kabobs.

"Do you need to take a break Deigil?" Meathil asked her, she shook her head vigorously. She wanted to stay in the ring for as long as possible. Plus, she still had some tricks up her sleeve.

"Lets keep going," She answered with a smile on her face. She liked to fight, especially when it was with Meathil. She was so cool, but Deigil knew she had keep her head on. Literally, the girl was about to decapitate her earlier. The captain came at her with full strength swinging the long spear with all her might. She moved her feet to dodge it just in time, her chest was tight, it was getting harder to breath. She knew what would happen when that started, and she was prepared. She always had backless things on, because her clothes used to get torn every single time she changed. She pulled the large sword up and charged at Meathil, making her block it with her spear. She looked deep into the captain's eyes and saw that she was completely immersed in the fight.

That meant that she had to be too, she took a deep breath and that's when it happened. She felt them coming, out of her back, it was always painful but she had gotten used to it. It felt like a million knives being pressed up against an open wound. But they were worth it, wings. White angel wings sprouted from her back, they were large and helped her propel forward. She pushed her sword harder and harder against the flimsy spear it was battling against. She flapped her wings with so much force she managed to push the captain back against the wall. Meathil looked shocked, she had a happy but amazed look on her face, as she made a staff appear. A staff made for a mage. She launched herself at the leader not noticing the protective barrier Meathil had made until she already had slammed into it. The barrier burned intensely and made her loose balance falling to the ground rolled up in a ball. The pain stung badly as she tried to get up from the ground but just kept falling back down.

"You did great Deigil, thank you for going first. Truthfully I was just testing out my teaching techniques, you were like a test subject," Meathil laughed, making her blush. Her laugh was so sweet, all she had seen of her so far was her serious side. But, she liked to have fun too, didn't she. Her black hair covered her face and eyes as she tried to cover up her feelings. She felt someones hand on her shoulder causing her to move her head to look up, Meathil placed both hands on her shoulders and gently helped her up. She knew her wings would disappear some time soon, and it would be painful. "Maybe next time we can get a chance to test out those wings even more."

"Yah maybe," She said as her eyes met the captains, her eyes were so pretty. Meathil's eyes reminded her of the Venus skies, a beautiful mix of purple and pink. Her skin was gorgeous and so soft too, but she knew that Maethil most likely already had a thing for someone else. Maybe Eglanor, they seemed quite close, or maybe another informant. Her body finally calmed down and her wings started to disappear back into her back, the pain was so excruciating she had to lay back on the floor to brace herself. She couldn't help those thoughts though, Meathil would never recognize her like that ever, and she already knew that. The first day she had met her captain she noticed how sweet she was. Meathil hugged them all, even though she knew none of them. She herself had been trained with everyone already knowing that they would be in her bracket, but Meathil had not known any of them before today. Yet, she was so kind, and so real with them. It made her feel warm and happy inside. "Deigil? Are you okay?" She realized that she had been hanging her head trying to make sure no one noticed her blushing.

"Oh, yah I'm fine."

"Good, next up is Hyril, lets keep up the good work everyone." Good work, her? She saw how determined Meathil was, it made her smile.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They had worked so hard the whole day everyone was exhausted, to be truthful she was too. Everyone had already taken a bath, she had the job of cleaning and putting away all the weapons today. Tomorrow it would be someone else's job, but today she was on clean up duty. When she got back to the room everyone was already asleep. Meathil told her she had a meeting to attend to, so if she got back before her, she should just go to bed when she feels right. Deigil looked around the room and saw everyone sleeping so soundly. Pengeth was hugging a teddy bear that Hastel had given her as a birthday present one year. Ever since then she never slept without it, and Hastel was in the pajamas Pengeth had given her for royal parade day. She remembered it all, all of the memories they all had together, as a family. She smelt something gross, but couldn't pick out what it was, then she realized it was her. She was smelling, because of all the sweat from practice. She needed to get to the bath. She took off each piece of her armor and carefully placed it on her bed then moving onto her under suit. She wore a red battle dress every day with white designs on it. It was her favorite outfit, she liked it because her mother gave it to her before she left to go over seas. She took the clean towel that was hanging beside her bed and wrapped it around her, she moved to the baths, but stopped abruptly at the sight of something. Or rather someone, there with her back facing her, was Meathil in the nude washing her arms. Before she had the chance to say anything her captain turned around. Deigil was speechless.

"Uh... I'M SO SORRY!" She apologized quickly and turned around to leave, but her leader's voice made her stop.

"It's okay Deigil, this bath is made to share, don't be so stiff all the time," Meathil told her and waved her hand to come closer. Deigil moved her feet being cautious of the water on the floor, she didn't want to slip and seem like a klutz. She removed her towel causing her to blush a bit in embarrassment and entered the nice warm water. Meathil entered the water too and looked up at the sky. "Aren't the stars beautiful, I used to always count them when I was younger. I would always loose my place and then have to re-count. It kept me entertained when I was bored."

"They are beautiful, aren't they," she shifted her head to look at the stars, she tried it, counting them. But she lost her place, just like Meathil had said. She knew this moment wouldn't last forever, but it was so peaceful, she loved it. Even if it was a little awkward being in a bath naked with her captain. She shook her head at the thought. "How was the meeting?"

"Good, but boring as always. Just talk about war, and how the training is going with everyone. Even though I was crowned today I already have a jam packed schedule," Meathil sighed and gathered some water in her hands, splashing it on her face. She looked like an angel, but she couldn't stare at her, that would be worse than awkward. That would mean she was a pervert! AH! No! She was not a pervert! "I'm going to get out now, I've got to get to bed, and so do you."

"Okay, I'll finish up quick and hop into bed too, goodnight Maeth-"



"You can call me Mae," her captain said and smiled as she left the bathing room. The stars glistened brightly that night, filling the room with moon light.

"Good night, Mae."

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