Chapter 26

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Sorry it's short. It's how much I wrote yesterday, was planning on making it longer today but I wasn't in the place to write today, I'm sure you all heard of Cory Monteith's death today. I love Glee and I love him, but what makes me most upset is Lea. She has to go from planning her wedding to his funeral. My respect goes out to her.

R.I.P Cory.


Asking Evelyn to join him for dinner, in his room was a bold and idiotic move, and Zayn knew it, but he had no choice. He wanted to give Evelyn her breathing space after everything that he had done during their last dinner together, it was what she wanted, and therefore Zayn wanted that as well; but he couldn’t.

Not after the incident that morning.

Leaving Evelyn in her room was too risky, and even with all the guards and her maids surrounding her, Zayn was sure that some kind of incident would occur.

That very morning, something unexpected and unpredicted happened.

Somehow, Ethan Redfern escaped his cell from the dungeons and is now wandering the Castle grounds freely. And Zayn had no doubt that Evelyn was on the top of the human’s to see list, he wouldn’t leave that castle without her, and since Zayn had already promised her that he had let Ethan go back to his home all those nights ago, if Evelyn was to find out that Zayn had been lying, thing would turn even more south for the two.

The dungeons were on the other side of the palace as to where Evelyn and Zayn lived, since Ethan had no clue where he was going, and basically all of the guards were out looking for him, Zayn knew he shouldn’t worry over that pathetic kid.

If someone else was in his shoes, they wouldn’t have gone through half of the troubles that he was going through to find the boy and secure him behind bars once again.

But Zayn didn’t get to where he was by slacking and assuming that everything will be just fine.

No, Zayn had a high intellect and he was a good observer and cautious over the slightest of things. That was one of the reasons why he was such a good King and good leader, he never take chances and just assume that things will go his way, he will use everything that he has to make sure that things will go his way.

Also, the Royal Dungeons held various of species of all kind of powers and influences, some of the world’s most dangerous and powerful criminals were locked up in that Dungeon.


Because the security inside that dungeon was unparallel to any other prison or security unit. That was one of the only reason that all those dangerous beings were allowed to be within the Palace grounds.

The Dungeon had 36 different ground levels and designed to act as an impossible maze.

The complex structure of the dungeon was one of its best security defences.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are, if you don’ have someone to guide you through that impossible maze, the chances of you escaping before getting caught would be next to none.

Zayn doubted that someone as insignificant as Ethan Redfern had what it took to escape the dungeon.

Ethan had to have some kind of help… But whom and why?

Could here be a traitor within the Palace walls?

Would someone betray their King to save a human boy?

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