Lucy's Revenge (Sneak Peek)

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Lucy cackled and grinned. Natsu frowned and stuttered,

"L-Lucy, what happened to you?" The key mage just glared at the pink haired man.

"Don't play dumb, you fool! I know what you've all been thinking, you thought I was a weak little pawn. Well, look at me now! I have all the power in the universe!" Erza's eyebrows furrowed,

"Lucy, calm down-" But that only made her angrier. As Erza continued, it only made her burning fire more heated. Until Gray interrupted.

"Now, now Erza. This now the new Lucy, she doesn't take orders from people who-" Lucy pushed him away and pointed her finger right at his naked chest, staring at him dead in the eye.

"Listen here, Fullbuster. I only needed you for the power, now, I work alone." Those words made his heart-ached. He loved her this much, to put her in a position where they could work, side by side. To have the future they both dreamed of, all this to have his heart shattered.

'No, this isn't my Lucy, the one who loved me for who I was. Now I'm going to get her back.' Gray inhaled and cried out,


As Gray yelled on que, all Fairy Tail members started to run up to her and started a grand fight, between good and evil.


Hey!!! Omg it's been too long! Sorry it's a bit short, I still want this story to last before ending it. I now have inspiration to continue, and yeah! I hope you guys are still interested in reading this and  ready for the next chapter in this book! Please don't hate me why Lucy is like that, it's all part of the process of writing this. I thought thing's over and maybe should add the OC's I added in before I continued. So yeah, Bye!!!!!

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