Chapter Thirty-Eight ~ Un-Named

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*Wynter's POV*

 I held onto Zayn's arm tightly as we walked up to the door to their flat. He'd spent the night with me at Hazel's because he didn't want to let me go and I didn't want to be alone. I was too afraid that the nightmares would come back. He'd been very helpful with my situation so far. He hadn't asked questions and would comfort me whenever I needed it. I'd gotten dressed in comfy clothes that would cover my arms and legs and that made me still look presentable. He'd helped me blend in my concealer so that you couldn't see my black eye or any other marks on the skin people could see.

He opened the door and let me in first like the gentleman he was, making me smile to myself. I walked inside and followed the sound of voices to the dining room. Everyone was seated around the table eating breakfast, oblivious to me standing there. Eleanor was the first to look up and she completely froze in place with her mouth open, eyes wide, and she dropped the fork she was holding. The clatter of her dropped silverware got Louis' attention and he looked at her, then followed her gaze to me. "Wy-Wynter?!" he yelled.

Now everyone else was looking at me.

Scarlet, Aqua, and Hazel were all smiling as the rest of them scrambled out of their chairs and over to me. Zayn stepped in front of me with his hands raised, stopping them all in their tracks. "Gentle," he said, before letting them all pass. As each of them hugged me, they all sounded like blubbering fools. They all had tears in their eyes except for Niall, Eleanor, and Louis. They were actually crying.

"I-I'm sorry!" Louis cried into my shoulder. "l w-would've gone my-self if I'd kn-known that would've happened!" I shushed him and rubbed his back. "It's alright, Lou, it wasn't your fault. I'm back, that's all that matters." Eleanor cried about how much she missed me and Niall was just crying. He's an emotional boy, that's not a bad thing.

"Come eat breakfast," Zayn murmured, ushering me to the table and into an empty seat. Everyone else sat down, too, and I surveyed the food: bacon, scrambled eggs, orange juice, French toast, pancakes, and sausage. I loaded my plate with all the delicious food and practically breathed it in while eating it. When I was almost finished, I got a queasy feeling in my stomach and sprang up from my chair.

I raced to the bathroom and doubled over the toilet, vomiting my guts out. "Wynter?!" Zayn asked worriedly from beside me. I felt his hands pulling my loose strands of hair back. "Go," I choked out as I feebly tried pushing him toward the door. "No," he replied. "I'm staying right here." And he did, rubbing my back the whole time I emptied my stomach. When I finally pulled away from the toilet and flushed it, he helped me stand up and I washed my mouth out. "Are you alright?"

I nodded. "l just ate too much I think." He pursed his lips. "How much did you eat while you were... gone?" I racked my brain, trying to remember. "A tiny bit of food a day, maybe none some days." I gazed at myself in the mirror. "Will you step into the hallway for a moment?" He nodded and closed the door behind him. I very slowly pulled my shirt up over my bra and examined my torso, twisting at different angles. My ribs were visible and you could tell I had lost weight in my midsection. I was definitely thinner.

I sighed, dropped my shirt back down, and stepped out of the bathroom. Hands slid under my knees and back and Zayn began to carry me to the living room. Everyone pounced on us, asking if I was okay. "She's fine," Zayn answered for me. "She only ate too much." They all calmed down and sat on the couches. Zayn claimed the love seat for us and I curled into his side, burying my face in his neck and breathing in his cologne.

"Here, you need to have a little bit of food," Liam stated, handing me a banana and orange juice. I nibbled on the banana, being sure not to eat it too quickly, and then drank my orange juice. Within minutes after I finished, I was out.

*Zayn's POV*

I gazed down at Wynter's sleeping figure with love. Not knowing what had happened to her was killing me, but I was going to do anything to help her and if not asking questions helped then so be it. "Zayn, you look like a creep," Scarlet said with a chuckle and snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see everyone watching me with a questioning look. Clearing my throat, I apologized. "You've got it bad," Harry stated. I smiled, "Good thing she does, too."

"Finally! It took forever for you to figure out she likes you!" Eleanor exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. "Now we just need to find a good way for you to ask her out." My smile grew. "You're a little late." Everyone literally stopped and stared, their gazes going from Wynter to me.

"Nuh uh.." Hazel breathing in disbelief. I nodded. "Yeah, I asked her yesterday." All of the girls got up, nonchalantly went outside, and started screaming and high-fiving. All the boys were chuckling at their reactions and congratulated me. "Details, mate!" Louis said. So I began to tell them the story of our romantic - yet not romantic - way of becoming a couple.

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