Chapter Thirty-Seven ~ No Questions

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*Scarlet's POV*

I heard Aqua screaming every fowl word under the sun at Wynter's dad and he was screaming in pain. Good, I thought bitterly. He deserves the damn pain. Tears were dripping out of my eyes as I set Wynter on the ground gently. I silently prayed a thank you for CPR classes my mom had made me take two years ago.

I lent down and listened for breathing, but heard nothing. The water was probably in her lungs, but I might still have time. I checked for a pulse and almost screamed when I felt a very faint beating. I turned her head, letting some water slip out of her mouth and nose before turning her face upright, pinched her nose shut, and began the process of breathing air into her lungs. I swear if she lives, I'm never letting her forget this because she will owe me!

Just kidding, I'm not heartless.

After repeating the process twice, she began to cough and I quickly raised her up so that she could clear her lungs. Tears were blurring my vision and I was sobbing so hard I couldn't speak. She collapsed against me, a dead weight, and I hugged her while wailing into her shoulder. I just saved her. She was still here.

"What happ-" Hazel was cut off as she took in the scene. "Oh my God..." she whispered in horror as she finally put two and two together. "Sh-she's a-live," I choked out. Another weight was added around me and Hazel was hugging us both. Footsteps stopped at the door and I heard heavy breathing. "Guys, we gotta go!" Aqua panted. "l don't know how long he'll stay out for."

I looked at her with wide eyes. "You... you knocked him out?" She smiled like the freaking Cheshire cat. "I'm small, but mighty!" We all stood up and helped support

Wynter as we slowly stumbled out of the house. Aqua sat in back with Wynter- still pretty out of it- laying across her lap. Hazel put the car into drive and sped out of there. "Where will we take her? We can't let the boys see her."

"My house," Hazel said immediately. "My parents are never home and I'm an only child." I nodded.

*skipping car ride*

We gently laid Wynter down on Hazel's bed; she was in comfy sweatpants and a sweatshirt since we'd changed her out of her sopping wet clothes. Aqua and I had wanted to make her eat and take care of her wounds, but Hazel had convinced us her main medicine was sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

"We can't leave her here alone," I pointed out. "Who said we were gonna do that?" Hazel asked. "l can stay here with her and you guys can go-" She was cut off by Aqua stating, "I'm not leaving her. Not now." I nodded in agreement. Hazel smiled. "This means one thing. Sleepover!" I smiled a little. "I'll call Li and tell him that we're all gonna crash here. Aqua order us some well-earned pizza. Scarlet make us beds in here."

We all split up and went to our missions.

*Hazel's POV*

I walked into the living room and dialed Liam's number. It didn't ring twice before he picked up. "Are you guys alright?" he asked immediately.  "Yeah, everything's fine." I made sure to sound a little glum since none of them knew Wynter was safe and sound in my bed. Wow that sounded odd. "We're exhausted, so we decided to sleep at my house. I just thought I should let you guys know." "Oh," he said, kind of sad if I'm not just hearing things. "Aright. You want me to come over?"

"No!" I replied a little too quickly. "No, that's alright. I'll be fine."

"Okay. Well, goodnight, I guess."

"Night." I hung up and jogged back upstairs. For the rest of the night, we sat around eating pizza and talking about what a night it had been.

*Wynter's POV*

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