Saturday morning, Gabe woke up to the gentle snores of his favorite girl beside him. She must have realized he was awake because she opened her eye and let out a giant yawn, exhaling doggy breath into his face. "You're a stinky bitch but I love you." Gabe said as he gave Cupcake's tummy a scratch. The pug stretched out her little legs, luxuriating in his attention.

"I have to warn you, Daddy's going to need the bed tonight." He said to the dog.

Cupcake ignored him, her focus absorbed by her belly rub.

"The question is, where should I take Claire before we get our freak on?" Gabe asked. "Hmm... I don't think she'll want to go with me to the bar to watch UFC. Cupcake that really wasn't a helpful suggestion." he said continuing on with the one-sided conversation.

"Claire wants to party, but I don't want to take her anywhere she might run into someone she knows, or somewhere filled with uptight professionals. The goal here is to make her forget about work...

A concert? Too risky, I have no idea what music she likes to rock out to.

Take her to Dark Palace? I do like the idea seeing Claire in leather, and she does like when I take control... But to go full out Dom on her. I dunno. I think it's too soon.

A fancy restaurant? No, no, that's all wrong. You don't party your face off during a fine dining experience."

Gabe sighed. He and Cupcake weren't getting anywhere. His desire to please Claire was clouding his judgement. He had to get a grip; the girl asked him to party he should be all over this. If there was one thing he could do it was bring the party – Hell, he often was the party.

Thinking back to some of his wildest nights of his life, Gabe realized they weren't planned. No, they were completely spontaneous. The rush of not knowing where the night was going to take you was half the fun.

That was it!

He'd give them over to the night and to the City and let it take them where it would. Finally coming up with a plan he was happy with, Gabe grabbed his cell and gave Claire a call.


Claire looked at her watch. It was eight thirty; only an hour until Gabe would be at her place to pick her up. She was more excited for their date than she'd thought possible considering the cloud of work drama that loomed over her, threatening to kill her mood. A night of partying was exactly what she'd needed and Gabe had made it all the more thrilling by refusing to tell her where they'd be going.

The only instructions he gave her was on what to wear. Considering he was a dude his instructions were pretty specific, it was obvious had a sister. Gabe told Claire to dress like a slutty rocker and wear shoes she could walk in. Oh, and most importantly, no panties allowed. That final instruction sent an electric shock of horniness straight through her as soon as he said it.

Earlier in the day, Claire spent a good half hour of rummaging through her closet until she finally decided what she'd wear. She settled on a skin tight black mini skirt topped with a loose black and white Death From Above 1979 t-shirt tank that hung low enough to reveal the black bandeau bra she wore underneath. She completed the black and white theme with classic Chucks.

Now, as she got dressed, Claire took the rock and roll vibe over the top by accessorizing with a studded leather cuff, multiple rings across her fingers and an oversized cross necklace. Keeping the look consistent, she tousled her hair and went extra heavy on the black eyeliner.

Claire was admiring her handiwork in her full length mirror when she got a text letting her know Gabe was waiting for her in her condo's lobby. Claire grabbed her studded clutch and headed down the elevator to meet him.

When Gabe laid his eyes on Claire all of the blood in his body rushed to his cock. He had no idea she could look like this. He expected to be joined by his elegant banker maybe wearing black, but instead he was with a wild woman that oozed sex. Shit. He wanted to cancel their plans and take her right back up the elevator and bend her over her couch and...

"Gabe... Am I wearing the wrong thing? I mean when you said slutty rocker I thought..." Claire said interrupting his train of thought. He'd gotten so distracted by how fucktastic she looked that he'd neglected to tell her.

It took a lot of effort, Gabe pulled his tongue off the floor. "Don't you change a Goddamn thing!" Gabe stepped forward closing the gap between them. He grasped the back of her head with one hand and pulled her in for a kiss, while directing her other hand to the buldge in his jeans so she'd know just how right she got her look.

Claire let out a little moan and rubbed his hard-on making Gabe grunt with the effort of holding himself back from throwing her up against the side of the building and stuffing her right then and there. Gabe abruptly took a step back and released Claire.

"Fuck woman. You're too much." he panted.

"You sure you want to go out?" Claire asked, speaking what Gabe was thinking out loud.

"You're going to have to keep your panties on for now. You're getting the wild night I promised." Gabe said, resisting the temptation to just bang all night. Anticipation would make it all the better.

"No panties, remember?" Claire said, her words slamming Gabe with another wave of horniness.

Gabe groaned. "You're killing me."

Gabe grabbed Claire's hand and walked them out of the lobby. They had to get on their way before his dwindling reserve of willpower was tapped out.

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