Chapter 8

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I crouch outside of the door I'm sure King Falkon is on the other side of. Sucking in a breath I turn the heavy wooden door knob and peer my head round the corner. The room, to my disappointment is empty. Well it looks like it is anyway. If King Falkon is in here, then he moves like a mouse. I smile as my gaze falls on two swords criss-crossing above a huge fire place. The perfect weapon for a King's murder. I do a roly-poly though the door and into the King's bedroom landing on a tiger skin carpet. I grin. I really do feel like a spy now. I wonder if I should apply for a job with them, after they hear what I've been up to they couldn't possibly refuse. Or I guess they'd throw me in jail but worth a try. 

I stand up and tip toe over to the closet. In the movies the murderers always hide in the most obvious places so.....the wardrobe is the best possible place to hide. Or I guess there's always under the bed.........

Footsteps thump up the flight of stone stairs I just climbed up ten mintes ago and they're moving fast. F**K I left the bloody door open. A stupid but easy mistake to make. I sprint over towards the footsteps trying not to knock anything over. I swing it shut as quietly as possible and back track to the closet where I jump into it closing the door behind me. 

Jeez. He has way too many clothes. At least a different top for everyday of the year. I mean this wardrobe is huge, it could probably win the record for being the biggest in the world and on top of that, having the most clothes crammed inside.

Suddenly a knock sounds on the bedroom door. I stop breathing. It's not the King because he wouldn't knock to enter his own bedroom, so who is it? I peer through the tiny slit where the four wardrobe doors meet. I try not to gasp or jump out of my hiding place as Day walks into the room. 

I can tell by his face that somethings wrong. He's probably coming to kill me, after all he wouldn't be on the death row if I never existed.

"I know your in here Will." He says soothingly

I smile imediatley knowing that he has been put up to say that. Bobby probably told the King what I'd done, not that he wouldn't be able to work it out for himself. I mean a tooth sticking out of his eyeball definatley wouldn't be a clue or anything. He deserved it. 

Just seeing Day alive makes my spirit lift. I don't think I can see any bruises or cuts on him which is a start but I'm still not convinced they have just had a friendly little talk.

"Look Will, I'm going to stand here all day. I'm not moving till you come out."

I stay where I am not sure what to do.

"King Falkon is making a public speech in the city a couple hours away, about his amazing capture of Willow Mjay. So he isn't going to pop out all of a sudden and stab you through the heart." He says chucking slightly.

"Bobby's here." 

I gulp. Oh no, he's going to blackmail me into coming out or he'll kill Day infront of me or something.

"As funny as this may sound, he wants to help us and at this current moment I kinda have to, seeing as anything is better than been burnt at the stake or hung or whatever." he says looking defeated

Something moves behind me making me scream out and lunge out of the closet. Whatever touched my back seems to follow me out as well as a bunch of the Kings clothes. 

Day's look of horror as he stares at the bundle of clothes behind me makes me even more wairy to turn round.

"Is that his m-maid?!?" he says in pure shock.

I swivel round to see a woman sprawled across the floor covered in shirts and trousers. I gasp. The King can't of murdered his own maid without any notice. Can he? No, but I guess he could of covered it up, he is the King after all, he can do anything.

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