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'Tears are as natural to girls as breathing, they are just harder to live with and harder to deal with.'

Macey Blue has been rejected by her own father who abandoned her when her mother died, she has been rejected by her grandparents who  do not want to see the spitting image of their dead daughter, and she has been rejected by her boyfriend who preferred her best friend. Now, newly moved to live with the aunt she never knew she had, she has been rejected by the all-girl academy who wanted someone with more charisma.

But Macey is ready to start fresh at her new school, but what happens when she finds that she has a mate and a werewolf one at that.

Will Noah reject Macey?

Or save her from her own demons?

For not only has Macey been rejected her whole life, but a witch has also cursed her to become a mermaid at the touch of water...

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