Chapter 15: Backhand

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"Vera got arrested?! Oh my goodness, why??" Daisy wailed as she chomped on her gum.

When Dina told her why, Daisy went crazy, "What, are you for real?? Noooo, free my dawg Vera, free her, free my dawg Vera, free Vera!!"

I chuckled as I watched her campaigning. Science class was quiet, but Daisy was making it loud.

"Daisy, be quiet!" Ms. Shads hissed.

"No, my dawg Vera got arrested, what, you want me to be quiet??" Daisy said.

"No, free my dawg Vera!!"

"Yelling, 'free my dawg Vera', won't actually get her out of jail," Ms. Shads said.

"Free her!!" she yelled again.

Ms. Shads pressed the button, "Security is coming to get you."

"So?? I just wanted all you to know, free my dawg Vera!" she got her stuff, held up peace signs with her fingers and walked out.

The bell rang and I left before anyone else got to the door. Scarlet was glaring at me, we've haven't fought, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did.

"What?" I questioned.

She rolled her eyes and I got in her face, "What? Rolling your eyes at me isn't gonna get you anywhere, either say what you have to say, or push someone off their roof."

She replied, "You always have that secret to bring up, holding it over my head, waiting to tell other people, that's not gonna get you anywhere either, you're not a friend, you wouldn't hold it over me like that."

I crossed my arms over my chest and said, "If I wasn't a 'friend', don't you think I would've told everyone your secret?? Remember what I said, 'you can go down like the rest of your classmates too'."

"If you were a friend, you wouldn't bring this up, you self centered bitch," she said.

"Oh, I guess those police officers can take you into custody too," I said. Her face paled as I bumped past her, heading down the hallway.

Irina and Tyler were holding hands and kissing, she glared at me when he wasn't looking and I blew a sacastic kiss her way. I felt someone touch my shoulder and I turned around.

"Hey," Jace greeted me.


"So, you are just knocking these girls off of their pedestal, Ali, Elena, Callie, and Scarlet, that's hot," he said.

"Thanks, I'm leaving," I turned around to leave and he grabbed my arm. I narrowed my eyes at him and he let go of my arm immediately.

"Sorry, but I would like to take you out-"

I cut him off, "No."

"Come on, please," he begged.

"No, I have stuff to do," I said.

"Like what?"

"Work," I answered coldly.

"Why won't you go out with me??"

"You're a player, man whore, splat, the list goes on, I don't deal with meatheads like you," I snipped.

I walked down the hallway, knowing that Jace won't be chasing after me. I was focused on other things, like breaking up Irina and Tyler's 'relationship'.

I went up to Luke, one of the football players, and I told him, "Irina wants to screw you."

He looked at me wide-eyed and said, "You're kidding."

I shook my head as a response, "Gerald told me."

He propped up his collar and said, "Well, I do have an effect on the ladies," he walked up to Irina when Tyler walked away.

Luke said some something to her and she laughed. She kissed him on the lips and slipped him her number.

I could make out the words she said, "See me tonight at the Monster Party."
I went to my locker and I remembered the Monster Party, it's where we dress up in nice costumes, it was held at Nina's house. Since today was Friday, I always went home early. There was enough trouble to cause there.

A couple hours later, I put on my French maid outfit with black heels and covered it over a trench coat to make it look like I was a detective instead of a sexy maid.

"Bye mom, bye dad, bye Shannon," I called.

They looked over my trench coat and thought I was Sherlock Holmes.

They approved, "Bye hon, have fun!" my mother called. I hopped in my car and drove off. When I got there, I threw off the trench coat and revealed my maid costume.

When I walked in, I recognized most of the people from school, I spotted Nina wearing a skimpy playboy bunny costume.

She greeted me and I made my way to the buffet table. Jett came next to me and we ate. We saw Irina drag Luke upstairs wearing a revealing onesie bikini.

Tyler was oblivious as to what was going on. After five minutes, I went up to him and asked, "Where's Irina?"

"Upstairs, using the bathroom," he answered, still oblivious.

"Nina told me that you need to go upstairs, she needs you to get Irina for her," I yelled over the music and talking.

He shrugged, "Okay," he trotted upstairs.

Jett gave me a high five.

"What the hell??!! What were you thinking??!!!" Everyone heard Tyler shout.

Mostly everyone rushed up the stairs to see what was going on. Irina and Luke walked out of the bedroom, she was trying to fix her hair and costume.

Tyler was pissed, "Are you fucking serious?!! That's it, we're done!! I knew I shouldn't have went out with you!"

"This was nothing-"

Luke cut her off, "You said we'll be together!"

"I lied," she said.

Tyler punched Luke in the face and they were fighting, Irina snuck past them and left the party.

Finally, some people broke up the fight and things were rowdy. "I'm out of here!" Tyler announced.

This party was lame, Jett and I left. I dropped her off and when I stopped at the corner, I put on the trench coat and when I got home, I went upstairs after greeting everyone. I changed into my pajamas and went to sleep.

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