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Pen Your Pride

"White Liar"  

2011 © All Rights Reserved

Chapter 1



“There he is,” Erica said, pointing at a guy that was surrounded by his own personal harem of women. Each one of them had their eyes essentially glued to him and each one shamelessly flaunted what they probably thought were part of their better assets.

Chloe shook her head.  She thought they all looked more like a litter full of pitiful puppies, each one vying for some personal attention from Northeast High’s resident player, Justin Pinnix.

From where the two girls stood alongside the school, Chloe studied the guy in action.  He had all the typical traits of your average player; the tight body worthy of nothing short of hero status, the shaggy, mussed up hair that gave off the come hither look and not to mention the crystal blue eyes that shimmered the same color as a brilliant sapphire.  Then there was also this cocky aura surrounding him that said, I am the man, so what are you going to do about it?

“So, what do you think?” Erica asked impatiently nudging Chloe in the side.  She chewed on her bottom lip as she watched the man of the hour in action.

Just recently, Chloe's mother had lost her long-time job as a receptionist with a deteriorating textile firm.  She struggled with finding any new work in the small town they lived in, called Bluefort. She put in application after application but received no call-backs.  They were on the verge of being kicked out of their apartment; they had no money and very little food. 

Finally, her mother made an executive decision to move the two of them in with her brother’s family after he offered her a job at his used car dealership.  He also told them that they could use the guest room for as long as they needed, while they got back on their feet and saved enough money for the two of them to rent their own place.  It was a deal that she couldn't pass up.

Chloe and her mother moved in over the weekend and upon their arrival, Chloe found her dear sweet cousin Erica in tears, down right nearing a complete emotional melt down.  From what she was able to understand through heart-wrenching sobs was that Mr. Player had done quite a number on her. He took her out several times, spouted off some pretty words of poetry and after he achieved the one thing that he really wanted from her all along, her precious virginity, he walked away.  He never once looked back and damn near broke Erica’s naïve little heart in the process.

Erica Stanfield was much too innocent for this day and age, Chloe had thought to herself.  But now that she was here, she felt it was high time to educate her. 

And as far as being here went, she was planning to do a little breaking of her own, Chloe Miller style.   

“I think,” she told her speculatively while twisting a loose curl around her finger, “That Mr. Pinnix is in for one hell of a rude awakening.”

“Really?”  Erica beamed brightly.

With the excitement so clear in Erica’s voice, you would have thought that her cousin had just offered her the moon.

Chloe sighed and kicked up the corner of her lips. Oh yeah, she knew exactly what she was going to do.  She was going to teach a certain Mr. Player a very important lesson in life. A lesson that he would surely never forget, because by the time that she got through with Justin Pinnix, he wouldn’t have a clue what hit him. None whatsoever.

“Alright,” she replied, ready to get this show on the road. Glancing over at Erica, Chloe placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.  “Just remember what I told you. Keep your head up, smile at him as if he was the sweetest thing in the world and act like nothing ever happened.  Let me handle the rest.”

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