Sexy One Shots 13

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No Such Thing as Too Hard

Joey pushes me on the bed and I moan. He smirks and climbs on top of me. "Tell me what you want." I whimper softly and reply. "Hard... Please." He takes off his tie and ties my hands to the headboard tightly. The pain excites me. He rips off every piece of clothing on my body and ties my ankles too. "Please." I whisper. "Please what." His voice is stern and rough. "Please sir." I yell out when he slams two fingers in me. "Shut up!" He bites out and adds his thumb to join his index and middle. I try to run but the rope on my ankles only pulls so much. He bends his fingers and pushes making my toes curl and my eyes roll back. I bite my lip as I cum hard. He unties my feet and pushes me on my side. Wrapping one hand around my neck and the other goes to my clit and he slowly pushes his tip in. "Please!" He yanks my body back by my neck. "I want you to count how many times I make you cum, start at two since you have once already." My back arches and my hips raise, slipping his tip in further. He squeezes my throat and graze his teeth against the side of my neck. He bites down as he slams into me roughly. I scream out at the sensations. I thrust back against him as he rubs my clit slow adding pressure. I love when Joey chokes me, it feels so good. I feel out of control and belittled but never more alive and satisfied. "Two!"  He bites and licks from my earlobe to my shoulder then down my back. His stroke are hard and fast and his thrust are angry. His dick is so thick and long and he knows just the way I like to be handled. He flips me on my back again and has full grip of my neck, using it as stability to ram into me deeper and faster. I hold onto the headboard and scratch to relieve pressure but it doesn't work. "Three!"  He places my thigh on his shoulder and keeps thrusting until I've cummed more than I care to remember. He flips me on my stomach and picks my knees up. I lay my face in the pillow and bite hard as he starts to eat me. He separates my lips slurping and stroking me gently. His tongue is hot and smooth, the length and width is incredible. He rubs my ass cheeks with both hands, massaging it while tongue fucking me hard. Tears stream down my face at how good it feels and I cum for the I don't knoweth time. He unties my hands and picks me up and places me in a bath on top of him. He strokes his member under the water and lifts me up over him. I wrap my arms around his neck lazily and bounce on him. He wraps his hands around my waist helping me move then they go into my hair pulling my head back. I bite my lip and he kisses me slowly, massaging his tongue into mine. I ride him slow and run my fingers through his hair gently. He pulls back from our heated kiss and looks me in the eyes. "I love you."


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