Chapter 1: Rough Start

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Hey fellow wattpaders!

I have this small obsession going on, an obsession with ghosts and the paranormal. So, I was reading this book, When the Ghost Screams by Leslie Rule, it was really good. One section was about the dead soldiers of the biggest battle of the Civil War. Most of you probably know that I love the twilight characters, Jasper and Alice. So I started a story about ghosts including twilight characters. 

I hope you guys like it. Please comment/vote, I need to know if I should continue. Thanks! 

Disclaimer: I do not in any way own Twilight Saga.

Paranormal Fate: Chapter 1: Rough Start. 

“I’ve put together a team of ghost hunters.”

“Is that so? Ghost hunters?” The name sounded like a sick joke. But coming from my friend’s mouth, it was no joke.

“Yes, I had a premonition last night. You, Mike, Jessica, Ben and I will travel around, solving the cases of 4 spirits.”

I grinned, excited by the idea. “Only 4 cases? What about the millions?” I could almost see the smirk on my best friend and fellow psychic, Angela Cheney’s face. “Yeah, yeah, I’m enthusiastic,” I muttered.

“Oh, don’t I know it! The infamous Mary Alice Brandon, a palm reader and tiny spitfire!”

I laughed and took a seat on my deep indigo sofa, the cushions allowing my body to sink in. “Exactly. Where are we meeting?”

“Café Italiano at 6, see ya there.” Click. I smirked and ended my side of the call.

Ghost Hunters.

Finally, my gift may be used for more than meaningless tarot cards and palm readings. And maybe, just maybe – no, I’m not doing that. She’ll call for help if she wants it.

Besides, I haven’t seen Angela or Ben for months and Mike and Jessica for even more months.

Angela Cheney and her husband Ben were strong believers of the paranormal after they discovered Angela’s psychic powers and experienced a number of unexplainable happenings. Mike Newton and his wife Jessica were recent believers after they were visited by a deceased friend. They specialize in electronic voice phenomena or EVP for short; they catch ghost voices on a recorder.

Both couples were happily married while I was a single gal studying to get a degree in fashion. I wasn’t jealous of their partnerships, I mean; I’m twenty-three and still have tonnes of time to find a man.

I grew up in Mississippi but the southern state made me too depressed with memories and so I moved to Washington state and closer to my friends. But I left behind a haunting tragedy, one we all wish to forget. Forgetting would a gift. As a psychic, I have to brutally relive it almost every night. I relive the darkness, the blood, and the screams; all freakishly real and vibrant.

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