Chapter Eighty Five

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"THEY WHAT?!" Charlie wrapped his arms around Anora's waist holding her back as she became furious instantly at Gabriella's announcement.

"Anora, calm down!" Charlie told her.

"Calm down?! No! They want to execute the dragons?! No! No! No!" She shook her head profusely, as she struggled to get out of his strong hold.

"It's not set in stone, Anora." Gabriella said quickly trying to get the woman to calm down.

"The fact that they would even listen to anything that woman has to say is beyond me! She skinned dragons alive and yet she is able to file a motion. Actually, you know what? I'd like to file a motion myself!"

Gabriella, Charlie and Magnus looked to the fuming woman.

"What motion do you wish to file?" Gabriella sighed.

"The motion of shoving my foot up-" Charlie covered Anora's mouth.

"Anora," Magnus began, " just because someone files a motion, it doesn't mean any action will take place. It just means that it will be presented before Wizengamot and they will decide. I'm sure with all the evidence provided by the investigation that it won't go passed anything. It probably wouldn't even make it to a full trial."

"Magnus is right, this is just protocol, Anora. The dragons did take human life and that has been reviewed."

"Let me go!" she finally pulled away from Charlie's hold, breathing heavily. "It shouldn't have to be reviewed. The dragons saved people of this sanctuary from getting hurt. Those poachers were going to actually kill people in order to get to the dragons and then kill them too. Wizengamot should just see it at as a favor!"

She stormed off to the bedroom slamming the door behind her.

Charlie shook his head. "Told you she was going to be pissed."

Magnus was the only one smiling. "Anora reminds me of a young female Hungarian Horntail I had the opportunity of working with when I was a much younger man. So much fire and concealed rage...I love it."

A little while later, Charlie knocked his knuckles against the door of the bedroom, wondering if Anora was still awake.

"Who is it?"

"Iggy." he answered before opening the door.

"Wow, Iggy, you got tall." Anora grumbled from the bed.

He walked over and laid down on the bed looking at her.

"You know, this is probably nothing." he said. "I'm sure Wizengamot will dismiss it as soon as they get it."

"That's not the point Charlie, she shouldn't have been able to file anything. She's a bloody criminal, how many rights is she supposed to have? She was planning on killing me! If she hadn't been so cocky and stupid in her actions, she probably could have succeeded in doing so."

"Don't say that-" Charlie began.

"But it's true. She was going to kill me and she was going to frame the dragons. She's sick, even if she couldn't make profit off of them, she still wanted them dead. It just makes me"


"Yes! I don't know what dragons ever did to her, but the fact that she could bear to actually skin a dragon alive...that should say enough about that vile thing. Now they're going to take her motion, unbelievable."

"It's protocol, Anora."

"To hell with protocol! They should just leave us alone here. The dragons haven't hurt anyone that didn't deserve it. They saved the day and were heroes, but instead they're being viewed as stupid dangerous animals."

"You're getting yourself all worked up, Anora." he said drawing her into a hug. "It's nothing. It'll all blow over and we can pretend it never happened.

"I hope you're right, Charlie. I really hope you're right."

Roscoe watched the unfamiliar faces of the sanctuary observing he and Norberta one afternoon causing him to become uneasy. Norberta was currently sunbathing after several days of consecutive rain, seemingly unbothered by the visitors.

It was when they heard Anora and Charlie in the distance did both dragons perk up.

Both adults appeared rather upset, Charlie's face was ridden with sadness while Anora looked ready to attack anyone that was in close proximity to her.

"Where's the other dragon?" a woman asked, her lips pursed as she eyed the dragons.

"You mean Sultan?" Anora said.

"The third dragon that was involved in the attack, I don't need names."

"Well, he has one and it's Sultan. If you want to see him, all you have to do is head in the direction of those trees over there..and keep walking. Also while you're at it, make a lot of noise, it let's him know you're coming-"

Charlie stopped Anora from sending the officials to their certain doom.

"Sultan is our most territorial dragon and does not tolerate any person or dragon in his territory."

"Is this the same dragon who has injured several workers in the past for no reason?"

"No, this is the dragon that was handled improperly when the sanctuary was under Greg." Anora said defensively. "We haven't had an incident with Sultan since. He peacefully exists in his territory!"

"Miss Forney," the woman glared at the young woman," if you're going to be hostile during this interview and tamper with this investigation, you will be asked to sit out."

Charlie could have sworn he saw steam pour from Anora's nostrils as the women stared down each other.

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