Chapter 33

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The next morning everybody was back at Tyler's only this time Raven was there too. "Okay so..." He started as he sat down. "Whilst you guys worried about yourselfs I did some digging on what's on the other side of this story." "What did you find?" Ben asked impatiently. "Not so fast my friend, where's the eques mortius?" "I'm here." Daisy said slowly raising her hand. "Ah, can I ask you some questions?" "Sure." "For how long have you lived here?" "Not so long, we moved here right before Devan's mother...died." "Do you know why?" "No my parents are very vague about it." "I didn't expect any different from them!" "What do you mean by that?" "Do they know you hang out with these guys?" "Yea I told them,  why?" "You see, there isn't only a bad side to this story." Raven said completely ignoring Daisy. "There are so many supernaturals out there protecting you and your pack Alex, that's why Daisy moved here, that's why the hippogriff gave you the poem and that's why the centaur Warned you. It's all to protect you." "But why me?" "Did your mother ever tell you why she left you and your dad?" "No, I just know her as the alpha." "This might be hard to hear but your mother used to be  a good person Alex, she was the alpha of every wolf in the u s a, that was before she went crazy. Your mother had a lot of power, power she used to protect every supernatural creature and downworlder, and so when you were born everybody looked at you like you were going to follow in her footsteps. Presure soon became to much for your mother though, she went mad and too protect you she went away. Being alone for so many years twisted with her mind and made her Vision of reality blurry, that's why she killed all those werepanthers. Not because she was a cruel person." "How does that make me special though?" "Good question, may I show you?" "I guess so.." I said rather confused. He took a wand out of his sleeve and grabbed my arm pulling it forward. "Now keep very still." He said as his wand started glowing, after a few seconds images of runes started appearing, it was as if they were under my skin. "But runes are for shadowhunters." I said confused. "They are indeed used by shadowhunter's, and till this day shadowhunter's only. But my dear Alex, when you were born your mother took you to our head centre in New York knowing you would be in a great deal of danger when you grew up. Because she had so much power she got the institute so far to give you a very special gift, these runes that you see right now aren't yours just yet. But because they are there you CAN in fact draw them on your body with a special wand. And YOU are the only none shadow hunter that can do that!" He said pulling his own wand away and looking back up at me before he Pulled out a very dark black wand. "This one here is for you, now i'm going to warn you, don't use it unless it's absolutely nesseceary and you will need some practise with this thing. Which is one of the reasons why I suggest you and you're whole pack go and take a visits the head institute." "What's the other reason?" I asked. "They can help you!" "Wait but who will keep this village somewhat safe while we aren't here!" Tyler asked, and I must admit he had a very good point. "Me and Darius will do that for you." "Yea....., still not really too convinced we should trust you." Ben said awkwardly. "Agreed." I said looking over at Ben. "Some of you can stay here if you want!" He said looking directly at Ben. "I'm going!" Daisy immidiately yelled. "You know, to protect Alex from dying!" She explained talking a lot more quiet now. "Without training?" Darius said in a questioning tone. "You know those things called phones? You can call each other with them!" "I'm going too!" Tyler said before Darius could respond. "Yea I might skip this one!" Ben said backing off. "I'll stay with him." Devan said looking At me.  "Are you guys sure?" "Yea, just give us a call when you need us!" "Well I kinda might need you all the time." I said already missing the two even though they were right in front of me. "You'll be fine." Ben said laying his hand on my shoulder. "Will I?" I mumbled more to myself.

That evening I sat my dad down on the couch. "Dad, why did you never tell me?" I started as he grabbed a beer. "Told you what?" "About mum, that she wasn't always like this." "Raven told you didn't he?" "Yea..." "What did he all tell you?" "Everything, mum being the alpha of the u s a, the runes under my skin, the reason she left. Heck he told me more then you ever did!" "It was to protect you!" "But you never did dad!" "What do you mean by that?" "You had me fishing in the dark, you let me believe she was out there, living a good life, you let it all blow up in my face!" "I never knew she was the alpha!" "But you knew she had gone mad!" "I didn't want to hurt you like that!" "And yet you did!" "I never ment to!" "That doesn't matter now does it?" "Alex I really didn't think it would go like this!" "Well it did, and now I do know what has happened I am going to do something about it! Me Tyler and Daisy are leaving to New York tomorrow!" "You are going to the institute?" He asked almost cocking on his beer. "Yes, because I AM going to stop someone from killing me and my pack!"

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