I drove over to my apartment. We got out of the car. I grabbed one of the suitcases and we went to my apartment on the second floor. She put her bags in the guest room.

I went to my room she can in.

Aleshia : So where's your year book

Lovette : In my closet.

She went into my closet and grabbed my yearbook.

Aleshia : What's your grade in this book

Lovette : 12

She flipped through my book.

Aleshia : Damn you was nerdy.

Lovette : Shut up

Aleshia : Your hair was all up , you got on glass. And aceny

Lovette : Are you done.

Aleshia : But you got hella sexy puberty has done you good.

Lovette : Aleshia

Aleshia : Its true look at that ass. You know all I want for my birthday is a big booty girl. Lovette come here.

Lovette : *lol* So what you wanna go in miami since its your first day here

Aleshia : I'm hungry I wanna go to that resturant that chinese cook in front of you.

Lovette : I think it japanese and Benijanas.

Aleshia : Yeah.

We got in my car and drove to the resturant. We got our table and ordered our food.

Aleshia : Damn I like this place and our waiter was cute his jackie chan tokyo drift lookin self.

Lovette : That made no type of since.

Aleshia : Ima get his number. We gon go to tokyo and have a house and have blackense kids they gon be cute.

Lovette : Go some where

Aleshia : I can't I'm gonna get lost.

Lovette : I'm out I'm needa go to the bathroom.

I went over to the restroom I fixed my hair in the mirror and washed my hands and left. Right when I was walking to back to my table.

??? : Psss

I turn around

??? : Yeah you

Lovette : Me

??? : Yeah come here.

He had an curly afro and a hippie type look. Wait is that. It can be.Princeton.

Lovette : Well that's one way to get a girl attention.

Prince : My bad mamie you was just so beautiful how could I let you get away.

Lovette : How about approching a girl in a better way.

Prince : I know but I think you know what I called you for.

Lovette : My number

Prince : Yes so can I

Lovette : Well your so handsome why would I say no.

We exchange numbers.

Prince : You look famliar. Oh well. Nice meeting you.

Lovette : You to.

I went back over to my table Aleshia was on her phone.

Lovette : Girl now the third one asked for my number.