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Started on July 5th, 2016

This story was started nearly two years ago, so I apologize for any clichés, grammar mistakes, and for how poorly this was written.

This is the UNOFFICIAL sequel to 'Bad Isn't Always Terrible'. You DO NOT have to read the first one to understand this book.

If you notice any inside jokes, don't feel shy to point them out!


Angel Carter has a secret: she's a street fighter. Not only that, but she's one of two undefeated champions in the area. She has a month before her big fight to see who's the real undefeated champion between the two, but she also has other problems.

One of those problems would be Riley Winters, a completely ignorant, selfish asshole she just so happened to run into.


When Riley finds out she's on the run from some dangerous people, he wants to make a deal: if he keeps her secret - the one he knows - she can't question why he randomly shows up at her doorstep, beaten and bloody.

Fights, arguments, secrets, and a little bit of love are going to make the next few months hell for Angel.

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