Part 1

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People were everywhere; filling up the convention building to it's maximum point. Felicity nervously held onto her friends as they weaved through the crowds, she didn't like largely populated areas, she always got lost easily due to her lack of height. She stumbles as a person is pushed into her, making her lose her grip on her friends' hands. The person turned around with an apologetic look on their face, a face she recognised.
"Oh, fuck! I'm sorry!" He panicked.
She smiled gently. "It's okay, I'm used to it. You're Pewdiepie, right? I'm Felicity, it's nice to meet you." She held a hand out for him to shake.
He let out a hearty laugh. "That's what my mum always calls me; I'm Felix, but you probably already know that." He gave her a cheeky grin and winked.
A small smile spreads over Felicity's lips as she dreams about the coming days events, much like Lauren.

“There are so many people here, Felicity, don’t get lost in the crowds, you’re the shortest out of all of us and we don’t want to loose you.” Lauren shouted across to her smaller friend whilst they were walking through the large crowds.
“But I want to find Pewds!”Felicity shouted at the top of her lungs.
“I know you do and I want to find my sex god Maz!” Lauren replied shouting in exactly the same tone.
“WHO JUST SAID I’M A SEX GOD.” A voice erupted from the middle of a group which was infront of Lauren and Felicty, oh and Paddy. Lauren froze in her tracks with her mouth wide open whilst Felicity frankly waved and pointed to her.
“She said it Maz! She did! She thinks you’re a sex god!” Felicity shouted laughing and Lauren sent her daggers in return. By this moment Maz had made his way over to the group of 3 with a huge smirk across his face. He leaned in and whispered into Lauren’s ear.
“How do you know i’m a sex god when you’ve never experienced it.” He moved back to his position which was infront of these girls (and boy) and smirked. Lauren just stood, still with shock and let out a slight laugh herself.

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