~~Dear my darling Zoey

This is your mother. I want to tell you the story of how you were born. I lived in the kingdom at this time and I had just finished my daily errand to collect the groceries. I was walking back to our home when I tripped over a small branch. Someone caught me and when I looked up I saw the man of my dreams and you guessed it, he was your father. His hair dark red and his eyes swirling oranges and yellows. It was dark at the time and when he helped me up it was love at first sight. We dated for a number of months and I never realised who he actually was. As you can probably tell we did the deed one night then he disappeared for two months. When he reappeared he looked angry, I had already figured out that I was pregnant with you and he didn't like it. He took me into the forest where he finally showed his true self. Your father was the rebellious nether prince, a blaze. I was scared so I ran from him and back to the village were I knew I was safe. Once I gave birth to you I knew I had to keep you safe so when the queen was on her daily walk I pleaded with her to take you, she agreed but told me to leave me on the doorstep of the castle. This is where we are now, I know you may be disappointed with me but I know you'll be safe. I'm sorry sweety. The blazes will come for me and they may kill me. I know there is a boy that is also half human, maybe you'll meet him someday. Once you turn eighteen I've asked the queen to give you this and also i have informed someone to come and get you on that day, I hope he will help you. I'm sorry once again but I must be going I can hear the blazes at this moment. I love you.

Your mother, Jessica Proashek~~

As Zoey read though this tears came to her eyes. She looked up to the queen and she smiled sadly. Zoey launched into her arms and cried.

"Thank you, thank you." She repeated over and over. Once she had stopped crying she pulled away.

"Darling tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday and the person she mentioned will be coming to get you." The queen said. Zoey had totally forgotten about her birthday as a lot had happened recently.

"Who?" Rythian asked. Zoey turned to him and smiled about how her mum had predicted they'd meet. Rythian looked at her confused. "Why are you smiling at me?" He asked. She gave him the letter and pointed at the mention of him. He smiled and then frowned. "How did she know about me?" He muttered Zoey didn't hear him.

"I must get ready for this person to come, they may have changed and I want to be prepared for anything."

Next day

Martyn left early in the morning to go do some classified stuff and Zoey was left sat in her bedroom sorting out her what to bring.

"Food, sword, torches, bow and arrows, water, compass anything else..." She whispered to herself. Her foot tapped against the wooden floor.

"You know that's really annoying." Said a voice. Zoey whipped her head around to see Rythian stood there smirking at her. Zoey's face went instantly red. "What?" He asked. She turned her head back to her stuff.

"What?" He asked again. She stayed silent. He sat next to her and she stiffened up. "Why are you ignoring me?" He asked putting his head over her shoulder. Her heart beat sped up and her face became the same colour as her hair.

"Zoey look!" He yelled and she whipped her head around. Their lips connected and Zoey's face became redder if that's even possible. Rythian moved closer and wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer. Zoey relaxed into it and pulled her arms around his neck. The door clicked and they sprang apart both red faced. Nilesy entered the door and looked at them, he decided to ignore the awkward tension.

"Zoey someone's here for you." They both jumped up and zoey collected her stuff into her back pack, strapped her bow and arrow to her chest and slid her sword into its place. She looked into the mirror and smoked at her self. She walked out of her door and down to the entrance hall. A man stood looking at the king and queen. Rythian followed Zoey closely , this person had a strange ora kind of like Zoey and Rythian's this person was not human. As they walked up they noticed small claws on the mans hands and his eyes swirling green. The man wore a green tshirt and ripped pants on his head he wore a red bandana. Zoey reached the man and he looked different like them.

"I guess you're the person my mother sent." The man nodded.

"Zoey this is Teep, he's mute. Your mother told me that he is like you but can do things." She nodded to him and he seemed to for us all of his energy. His body started to morph and change. His body became scaly and a dark green. His teeth grew larger and his eyes smaller. He turned into a large dinosaur. "He was born like this and so were his parents." He morphed back and smirked.

"That's awesome!" Zoey yelled. She smiled at him and his cheeks turned a light shade of pink. "Well I'm Zoey and this is Rythian. He is part enderman." She smiled looking up at him. Rythian looked over to Teep and their eyes met. Teep nodded at him and Rythian nodded back. Zoey looked at them confused.

"I can see into people's minds and talk to them." Rythian's voice said yet his mouth didn't move.

"Oh my god that's awesome... Wait have you been reading my mind?" She asked.

"The extent of my power doesn't go that far." He said normally. "I only become stronger in the enderman's dimension." Zoey nodded.

"Can you ask him where he plans to take us?" Rythian looked back in teeps eyes.

"He doesn't have a place and he was hoping we had one in mind, which in fact I do. I don't think you are safe here anymore and I don't think anyone in the kingdom is either." He said. Zoey agreed. "I found an old abandoned castle over in the north. We should go there, since I know where that is so I can teleport there. We should get going." Rythian said. Zoey nodded and faced the three she'd be leaving behind. She went to Xephos first.

"I know you've never approved of me doing things like this but I don't want anyone else to get hurt." She said sadly. The king tried to stay strong as he wrapped his arms around his daughter for the last time. "I'll try to stay in contact and try to visit you." She said reassuring him. He nodded and rubbed her shoulders.

"You know I love you right." He said with his voice cracking slightly. She hugged him again then moved over to the queen.

"Thank you for everything. I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't taken me in." Zoey said with tears brimming over her eyelashes. The queen smiled at her and pulled her into a tight hug.

"You'd better stay in contact or we'll have to hunt you down." She said sarcastically. Zoey chuckled slightly and moved over to her bestfriend. Nilesy turned away from her and whimpered slightly. She smiled at him and pulled him in a hug. He sobbed into her shoulder. She pulled back and adjusted his glasses.

"I'll be fine and so will you. If anyone troubles you come and get me. Come visit us okay?" She said smiling at him. He nodded as a few tears ran down his face. "You're such a baby Nilesy." She smiled wiping home away.

"Zoey we have to go." Rythian said as he walked out of the castle. "We can't teleport here there's too many people." He said walking though the doors. They walked though the kingdom towards the gates. Some people whispered a few things and others smiled at the three. They stood out like a sore thumb the man with purple eyes, the princess and the clawed man. The exited the gates.

"Princess where are you going?" Asked one of the guards.

"I'm leaving the castle, I won't be back for a while." She said smiling at him. Rythian reached out his hand to both Teep and Zoey. They grabbed his hands.

"Bye." She waved as they were covered in dark mist. The last thing she saw was the guard pulling back his mask to reveal red hair and orange eyes reaching towards her with a scared look on his face.

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