The Ghost of Jerry Bundler

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Adapted from W. W. Jacob's Story "Jerry Bundler"

Copyright, 1908, by W. W. Jacobs and Charles Rock

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Cast at The Haymarket Theatre.

SEPT. 9, 1902.

HIRST Mr. Cyril Maude. PENFOLD Mr. George Trollope. MALCOLM Mr. Lewis Broughton. SOMERS Mr. Marsh Allen. BELDON Mr. H. Norton. DR. LEEK Mr. Wilfred Forster. GEORGE (a waiter) Mr. Charles Rock.

NOTE.--Penfold, Malcolm, and Beldon represent different types of Commercial Travellers.

Original Cast.

PENFOLD Mr. Holman Clarke. MALCOLM Mr. Holmes Gore. HIRST Mr. Cyril Maude. SOMERS Mr. Frank Gillmore. DOCTOR LEEK Mr. C. M. Hallard. BELDON Mr. Cecil Ramsay. GEORGE (a waiter) Mr. Mark Kinghorne.

_First produced, St. James's Theatre, London, June 20, 1899._

_Revived. Her Majesty's Theatre, June 20, 1902. Same cast as above except Mr. Frank Gillmore, whose part was played by Mr. Charles Rock. The Herman Merivale Benefit Matinee._

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