Chapter 2✔

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I woke to the sun shining brightly into my eyes and I glanced at my phone to see that it was 10 in the morning.

Getting out of bed, I went to my box that had my clothes in and picked out knee length black leggings with a plain blue tank top accompanied by a white sports bra. Opening another box, I grabbed a towel and my shower essentials: shampoo and shower gel.

Lazily, I walked into my bathroom and stepped into the shower letting the hot water droplets enclose around me.

Grabbing my clothes, I hurriedly got dressed and put my hair in a messy bun and walked downstairs into the kitchen.

"Hey" I mumbled to my parents.

"Morning princess! You ready to shift a few things with me?" Dad asked cheerfully. I gave a slight nod and a small smile.

Mom handed me my wake call: coffee (of course) and a plate full of my favourite pancakes which made my mouth start watering instantaneously.

"Here you go." She said gaily.

Sitting down at the dark marble breakfast counter, I inelegantly scoffed my pancakes down - pretty sure I looked like a homeless person. When I was eating my last few bits of my pancakes, savouring the flavourful taste, the doorbell rang.

"That must be the movers with our furniture" Dad voiced. Getting up from his chair he made his way to the front door.

"Come on, Rosaline." Dad called. I groaned, sadly looking at my empty plates reminiscing their taste but walked sluggishly outside anyway.

I helped him carry in the sofa, only bumping into a few walls (thank goodness), going back outside to the moving van. I grabbed another cardboard box and started walking towards the house. When I finally had brought that into the house, I walked out again to grab a few more boxes but bumped into a stunning woman.

"Hey! You must be my new neighbour, my names Megan." She said while smiling at me.

"It's nice to meet you," I returned. Calling out to mom I shouted out "Mom, our neighbour is here."

While turning back to face Megan, mom appeared at the front door and started walking to us, so I excused myself and walked back to the van and helped carry a few frames inside.

"Sweetie, Megan here is going to send her sons over to help." Mum told me. Nodding I threw out a "cool" and went back outside.

Pulling out a big box, which was surprisingly heavy. I started struggling towards the house almost dropping it. Suddenly the weight of the box was lifted out of my hands, looking up to see a sexy man around the age of 20.

"Don't carry something you can't, Sweetheart." He said in a deep voice
and started to carry the box to the house.

"I could have carried it!" I shouted indignantly, he just gave a chuckle in return to my comment. Going back to the van, I saw 2 boy's identical boys around the age of 14 or 15.

"Can I help you?" I asked politely.

"No, but we can." One of the twins said and grabbed a box and headed inside.

"Sorry, Luke is a bit rude. I'm Nick. Our mom sent us to help you guys
take a few things inside." Nick stated.

"Its fine." I mumbled, clutching onto the box I passed the tall guy coming out,

"What's your name?" I questioned putting the box down.

"Christian" he said, we had some idle chatter until I realised we had been standing there for at least 10 minutes.

Finally taking everything inside, the boys helped mom and dad sort out everything. Nick came out to see if I needed any help so I asked if he could help carry my posters and my boxes upstairs into my room.

I started decorating my room, it took me almost 2 hours to set everything up the way I wanted it. Going downstairs I saw everything neat and
clean. Seeing a few disappearing figures, assuming it was the boys I shouted out,

"Bye guys!" Nick turned round to give me a smirk and waved.

"Sweetie, you have school tomorrow. Why don't you go to Walmart and
buy some of the things you'll need?" Mom told me. I gave a small nod while she went to her bag and handed me a her debit card.

Running upstairs, I got changed into black jeans, a white crop top and my black combat boots, grabbing my skateboard, I ran downstairs.

"I'm going!" I shouted out to anyone and ran out the house.

Riding my skateboard to Walmart which was about 5 minutes away, I picked my skateboard up and went inside. Picking up a small basket I went to the stationary/ school section. Grabbing a few packets of pencils, pens, books and the main essentials, turning around the corner I found a cute black leather backpack and put it in my basket as well.

When I was done, I set myself on a mission to find the sweets section, everyone must buy sweets! I picked M&M's, kitkats and put them in my basket. Turning around, I
bumped into someone dropping my chocolates all over the floor.

"Shit. Watch where you're going!" I exclaimed quite rudely, while picking my chocolates up.

"Sorry, but it was your fault as well" The stranger said sarcastically.

Looking up, I saw a cute looking guy.

"Whatever." I muttered, while looking down I started to saunter away

"Wait! Are you new?" The stranger asked, I stopped and turned back on my hee.

"Yeah," I said uninterested.

"Name's Bond, James Bond" He said holding his hand out, while putting his pouty lips into an arrogant smirk.

"Name's, I really don't care." I said while smirking back at him, just looking down at his hand.

"I like you." He stated, putting his hand back down

"Never woke up to impress you, I need to go" I said sassily and turned around swaying my hips slightly as I went to the till.

"See ya around, Shortie" He called out, not giving him a glance I stuck my middle finger up at him. I'm not short, I pondered and well I guess I am compared to that guy.

Paying for my things, I felt eyes staring holes at my back as I left.

"Hey Mom. I'm home now, I'll be in my room," I told her and she nodded.

Running up to my room, I threw the bags on my bed, walking toward the window I opened the curtains, to see a hot guy with tattoos facing away from the room opposite my window.

Thinking to myself I might like this move, New York seems to have a lot of damn fine guys around. I closed the curtains hoping the guy doesn't think I'm a complete pervert. Jumping onto my bed I started sorting through my new school things to set my bag out for tomorrow.

When I was finally done, I put the mess in my leather bag and went to my walk in closet, to find my sleeping wear, getting changed into a tank top and shorts. When I was done finished I went to my bathroom to finish my routine. Getting into bed, I set my alarm for school and snuggled into the covers and switched the lights off.

School tomorrow. I hope that the school building burns down so I don't have to go I thought smiling and closed my eyes.
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