Black Water (Chapter 16)

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I couldn't sleep for most of the night. Part of my mind was busy worrying about Jez while the other part was worrying about the hospital break in. By the time the hand on my clock turned to six I was already dressed and ready for a break in. I chose a white t-shirt and blue jeans, clothes I hoped looked inconspicuous. 

I opened my door quietly hopping that the teacher's on night duty had finished for the night. I didn't put shoes on, they made noise. I tip toed out of the girl's area of the dorm towards the boy's section. I counted the doors until I got to the forty-second from the end of the hall. I didn't often go to Cameron's room, but I knew he roomed with Jeremy so the door had to have a calendar on it.

I tapped gently on the door I hoped was Cameron's and waited nervously. Over a minute and a half later the door opened an inch. Cameron's eye appeared in the gap. I smiled at him and he opened the door wider. Behind him I could see his messy bed and untidy half of the room; Jeremy was sprawled shirtless across the bed, his head under his pillow. He was moaning in his sleep.

"Nightmares?" I whispered. Cameron nodded gravely stepping out from the room and closing the door quietly behind him. The calendar on the door wobbled slightly. On tomorrow's date there was a big red circle. Full moon.

"So, how long till the truck arrives?" Cameron asked. I looked down at my watch.

"Ten minutes." I said as we walked through the empty kitchen and down the stairs. Morning light was shining through the east facing windows. We past the entrance to the group showers, some freshman were in there. I suppressed a happy smile; freshman and sophomores had to shower in-group showers, whereas juniors and seniors like myself got en-suites.

The air was morning cool in the gardens that faced the high school campus dorms. A few members of the maintenance staff were walking from one building to the other, cleaning up after the students. Cameron and I skirted around the dorms and headed across the student's car park. I patted my car as we crawled past it, Cameron snorted. I glared at him. A girl could like cars too.

I could see the truck driving up towards the storage building. It was big and green and driven by an ugly and fat old man. Somehow I knew it wasn't going to smell pretty.

"Little help here." I said to Cameron, who had already climbed into the back of the truck. I however was standing wondering how I was going to manage to climb up. Cameron turned when I spoke and laughed.  I glared at him again. I knew I must have looked stupid, with the floor of the van coming up level to my neck. Cameron jumped down from the lorry. And before I could say anything about it, he reached around my waist and picked me up. I grabbed hold of the truck and pulled myself on, trying not to make my butt look big.

"You know you could have just offered a hand." I said once I was settled on a bag of scrap paper (It was a choice between paper and vegetable skins). Cameron was standing and leaning against the inside of the truck.

"And pass up an opportunity to get my hands around your waist? Never." Cameron said as if I had just suggested something insane. I rolled my eyes; I should have expected an answer like that.

"You can be a real Jerk sometimes." I told him.

"You wouldn't have me any other way." Cameron laughed.

"Keep telling yourself that." I murmured.

We sat - well I sat he stood - in a comfortable silence for the rest of the journey. Until the truck came to a stop, outside I could hear the driver get out of the cab and shout to his mates. Half a minute later I heard a door slam and it went quiet. I nodded at Cameron, and we crept to the back of the truck. Luckily the truck could be opened from the inside, or else we would have had to wait until the fat driver dude came back from wherever it was he had gone to.

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