Chapter 32

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"As you run for the Darkness that follows you, and as you hide for the fears that haunt you i will be waiting on the other side. Ready to release you from all the pain and fear inside you, letting your rotting corps lay there, besides the big Oak tree ready to be found by who loves you most. You can run away however much you want but death will catch up to you and when it does you will be ever so gratefull."

I shot up throwing my blanket's of of me and letting my sweaty body Breath. I quickly whiped away the strands of hair that were sticking to my neck and face as I stood up and opened my window so I could stick my head out of it. I took a deep Breath in trying to get myself to calm down. But everytime I tried to close my eyes again, the dark deep voice came back haunting my every thought. "I'm going mad." I mumbled as I started pacing through my room. "I am going absolutely insane." I tried to convince myself it was my own mad brain that made me think these horrible thoughts but deep down I knew I wasn't the reason. Someone else was, and that person wanted me dead. Very badly!


I sat down on Tyler's couch facing Darius. Him and Tyler were both looking at me with a concerned expression as I opened my mouth. "I'm 100 percent sure this, thing, was directed to me, it mentioned the Oak tree." "So it was bassicly another poem?" "Sort of I guess." "I don't know what to do with this Alex." "Neither do I." I said sighing. "Are you sure you don't want me to call Raven?" "Positive, all he wants to do is protect me and that's the last thing I need." "Maybe you could use some protection." "No, I want to find this out with my own pack." I said turning to Tyler who nodded. "I'll call Ben and Devan, maybe they have found something." He said as he stood up.

Right as Tyler was about to call Ben for the fourth time they both stormed in. Devan looked just fine but Ben was panthing and breathing like crazy. "Are you okay?" Tyler asked raising his eyebrow. "Sort of." He said as he leaned against the wall. "What's wrong?" I asked turning to Devan. "Do you remember the centaur?" He asked breathing slightly heavy aswell. "Off course I do!" "Well uh...., your dad kinda found, his head." "What!" I yelled shooting up. "He's dead Alex." Devan said sounding sorry. "Where is he?" "Well his head was pinned against the tree on the edge of the Woods close by your house, his body, we don't know." "That's where I met him." I mumbled under my Breath. "What?" Darius asked confused. "I met him there." I said a little louder this time. "Raven was the only one who saw you!" Tyler suddenly said and as I looked up I was standing next to Ben, what is going on with those two lately? "I knew it." Devan mumbled. "That little warlock of yours told everybody didn't he?" I said pointing to Darius. "I swear he didn't!" Darius said defending Raven. "Oh fuck off! How else would this of have happened!" "Alex listen to me!" "No, you tell us to trust this lovely wizard of yours but he got the only one who truly tried to help me killed!" "Alex!" "No Darius!" "Alex I think I know what he is trying to say." A female voice said. When I turned around I saw Daisy stand in the door opening. "I didn't see him die, it wasn't done by a supernatural creature." She said. "Then who did it!" I yelled throwing my hands up in the air. "Hunters, I saw them running to the Woods last night." "Great!" I sighed letting myself drop to the ground. "Wait how did you know we were here?" Ben asked confused. "I followed you." "They must of have seen you talk to him." Tyler sighed. "Then why haven't they killed me yet?" "They don't kill those who have not showed there supernatural powers in front of a hunters eye." Darius said putting his hand down on the table. "So bassicly, we are getting Hunted by hunters and a mysterius creature now!" Ben said. "Everybody except you." Devan said turning to his best friend. "Oh yea!" He said sounding a little to happy.

"Did you see how many hunters There were?" I suddenly asked after a long silence. "Not exactly, maybe three or so." "Well at least it's not 10." Ben sighed. "We don't know that, maybe others stayed At home." "Still, why do they Hunt us?" "Because mundane's believe every supernatural or downworlder is bad and dangerous." "They should know better by now." I mumbled. "What do you mean by that?" "If they found out about the centaur they must know about the werepanthers and the alpha, and if neither of them have killed the alpha they SHOULD know it could of have been a supernatural." "That doesn't justify anything for them." "Why not I mean..." "Because it doesn't change the way they think about us Alex." Darius said interrupting me. "Hey this might be very random but what exactly is our plan then?" Ben asked kinda confused. "Find out what is doing this and making it stop, without getting killed!" "That sounds...., kinda hard." "Well i'm not the one refusing Raven's help." Darius said looking over at me. "If he will stop with the whole Back-up and safety idea i'll except his help!" I said as I got up.

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