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But when I got closer, in the end, it was the disturbing sight in front of my house was what made me stop. Not the relief of seeing home and safety.

My once pretty baby-blue bicycle that was mutilated with globby red paint was in a wreck in my front yard. The metal frame looked as if it had been through a car-accident. It was mangled and twisted and basically broken.

As I approached it, one thing stood out the most was the scratch marks sprawled across it. Cutting deep into the metal of the frame, it spelled soemthing as I looked closer.

I ' m     n o t     b l u f f i n g .

- - - 

All of a sudden, my skin starts to crawl, and my throat begins to tighten. The air feels much more frigid, and the community so quite.

I gulped and tried to ignore how the cloud of mist-- my frozen breath-- should just how hard I was breathing. Instead, I ran past the bike and up the stone steps of my house. The keys jingled in my shaking hand as I unlocked the door and took the spare keys from under the rug and quickly closed the dor.

The cold, the silence, the sudden exposure I felt prickling my skin-- I locked them all outside. And when I turned on the lights, I felt much better in the warm golden glow. 

It only took a few minutes after that to calm down, take a shower, and set up my investigation area: The kitchen table.

I had my laptop out, sheets of paper, and Old Red (the big red old book that Ms. Liliana gave to me). Thumbing through the pages I looked for the Index and scribled down the translation on paper. Twirling my pencil, I tried to think of what to do.

"The Internet!" I smiled to myself as I typed out the words furiously on google translate. "Google, you are my new best friend." I clear my throat and started putting in the options. "Okay, so Latin, to English translation..." I mumbled and then glanced down at the Latin Title I saw printed delicately on yellowing paper.

Nuntium Volucrem XII

I typed the words in carefully into the little white box and the answer that had fit Ms. Liliana's rough translation popped up.

12 Winged Messenger

Rubbing my hands together I clapped as I grinned from ear to ear, "If it can translate that, then..." My voice trailed off as I looked for the other Title I wanted translated. "Then it can translate the story... Legend of The Aligerum Nuntus." I translate the last two Latin words and bite down a smile, "Or, as this says... 


And having typed the story (in latin) from looking at the book, into the little white box, and clicked translate, I expected to have all of it translated... "Bloody hell!" I slam my fist on the table, "Are you kidding me?!" Google translate couldn't translate a whole document without having a single sentenced looking like a freakin crossword puzzle. 

"What is this jibberish!" I groan in my hands and rub m eyes before risking a glance at the clock, "Its already 9:30?!" Before I get angry, I put my blonde hair in a messy bun and adjusted my glasses, pushing them further up the bridge of my nose. "Fine... I'll just research this..." 

And research it I did. For T W O   H O U R S!

I scraped the crud out of my tired eyes and groan while I down the last few drops of dark coffee that remained in the bottom of the mug. It was cold, bitter, and was awful to swallow. Just like my sad situation...

"Where is the blasted Legend?" I swear that I was going to lose it, but then I heard a ping. I first checked my phone to see if Brittany answered my text I sent her, but I frowned when I realized that it was just my coputer alarm.

I had set this alarm to warn me about three, four, times when to go to bed.

"I guess I'm not going to bed..." I yawned and sunk down into my seat as I lazily searched the internet, and randomly clicked. Suddenly something popped up and I clicked the link. Yawning I rubbed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. "Finally."

I lean in and let the bright light of my laptop cook my eyes just for the sake of reading this last bit of information I found that seemed actually fit what I expected. I read it out and scrolled down to ignore the annoying old web-adverts.

Blinking I realized that there were two legends linked together. There was Legend of the Winged Messenger, and then... The Legend of Aelyn and Micca. And both were under the same name really...

"So... The Legend of the Winged Messenger is connected to The Legend of Aelyn and Micca...?" I stared at the bright white web page and frowned, "Who the hell are Aelyn and Micca...?!" I sigh impatiently and flick a hiar out of my eye. "I guess I'll start with the shortest one..."

I moved the mouse and clicked the link and it opened up.


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