JUNHOE ~ Sassy day

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Note: Thanks for the 9k+! TYSM! By the way, I'll be on semi-hiatus for the whole week. Coz school ;_;



I scratched my arms and sat on the couch. A knock on the door woke me up.

I went to the door and open it. My eyes widened when I saw Junhoe.

"Junhoe!" I shouted and hugged him. My lips parting into a big smile.

"Sorry if I have a messy hair. I just woke up." I said as I pull back from our hug.

"I love just the way you are. I miss you ______." He said and hugged me again. That made my heart jump back and forth. Haha.

"I miss you Koo Junhoe! Hey, you told me that you still have a practice today right? They might scold you!"

"Nah, they won't. They said it's okay cause I'm so longing for you and everything about you." He sweetly smiled.

"Here we go again. Come on let's go inside!" I held his hand and pulled him inside my house.

"You know what I missed the most about you?" I looked at him without an expression.

"Koo Junhoe, don't!" I said while pointing a finger on him. He stared at me with an evil smile.

"JUNHOE!" I shouted when he started tickling me on my side.

"Stop it please!" We both bursted into laughter. I really hate him! He knows that this is my weakness.

"Yaaah I really miss you." He stopped and gently hugged me. I kissed his neck. And that is his weakness.

"______!" He shouted my name and I chuckled.

"That's just a revenge Koo Junhoe. Wait... I'll just wear a sweater. It's winter and I really feel so cold." I was about to turn around when he grabbed my wrist.

"You don't need to. Let me just hug you." We laid on the couch wrapping our arms with each other.

"Are you hungry? Want me to cook something for you?" I asked. He just sighed and stared at my face.

"Nope. All I need right now is you." He smiled and kissed my forehead. I poked his chest playfully and chuckled.

"______, I would be busy again for a few months cause of fanmeetings and music shows. I would miss this time with you." He intertwined his hand on mine. I pinched his nose and smiled.

"I understand. I will always support you and your happiness." He acted like he won a lottery. Such a sassy but childish kid.

"I forgot to say... don't you dare look at the pretty fangirls out there." He teasingly chuckled.

"My ______ is jealous! Hahaha!" I poked him again and pouted.

"Please don't pout." He begged. I pouted more and I was surprised when he kissed me.

"Damn you Koo Junhoe."


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