Chapter 1

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I'm starting this book back up!!! I'm super excited to write this again. Something's will be changed but not all. Last time I tried writing this Wattpad decided to delete lots of parts to some of my chapters :cc. Lets hope that it doesn't happen again with this, or any of my new books on the way, or I'm currently writing. If it does happen please tell me!! okay that's all enjoy the first chapter!! ❤ c: and yet again in this book and maybe even a squeal. I'm going to try to update this at least once a week.
Note: Vic is taller.


Kellin's POV:

It's night time, the tension is thick. Dad is currently knocked out on the floor. "Hurry go get packed up we're leaving." Mom tells Jenna and I quickly. The three of us quickly head up the stairs, and into our rooms to pack. Mom and Dad just had gotten into another fight. Instead of Mom, Jenna, or I getting hit, Mom knocked him out with a vase.

I grabbed every possible thing I could to fit in a suit case and a backpack and packed it. Everything I needed was packed in these two things. The only thing that couldn't fit in anything was my guitar Mom got me when I was nine. I wouldn't leave my guitar behind though, one of the things that is very important to me Dad hasn't broken.

I kept it hidden behind the clothes in my closet. I swung my closet door open, and grabbed it. I hurriedly went downstairs, and outside where the car was. I put my suitcase in the trunk and my backpack in the back where I'd be sitting. "Come on let's go!" I got into the car.

Mom and Jenna, (after putting the rest of their things in the trunk) got into the car. Jenna, of course kept a bag with her like I did.

"Okay do we have everything?" Mom asked. We both nodded. Fear struck the three of us as the front door of the house swung open, and Dad ran out. Mom locked the doors quickly. I could see him yelling things we couldn't hear. Mom put the car in reverse, and Dad ran after us. After pulling out into the street, we drove off. Dad still yelling at us as we drove off.

"Where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see, I hope you guys will like it there." Mom sighed. "I'm just glad we're finally getting out of there." Jenna said. "Me too." I Agreed. "I was just tired of all of us getting hurt. If we would have stayed there, I could have gotten you two taken from me. I can't live without my babies. You guys would have continued to get hurt, and that hurt me to see, so we had to leave." Mom admitted.

I sat back in my seat, letting out a sigh of relief. God, I'm so glad we're leaving! Mom would get hurt trying to protect Jenna and I, or I would get hurt trying to protect Mom and Jenna even though she's older; or Jenna would get hurt trying to protect Mom and I. It was like a repeating cycle. One of us would get hurt either way, or all of us would.

It made me feel shitty when I couldn't help prevent Mom or Jenna from getting hit. I just hope I won't ever have to return to that life. Ever. We stopped by the gas station to get gas, and a few other things. After that we were on our way to wherever we were going.

After staring out the window looking into darkness, and the stars up above, listening to silence, I drifted off into a comfortable yet uncomfortable sleep.


"You know I love you right?" The mysterious guy asked. "I love you too." I smiled, and blushed. "Your so beautiful." I giggled lightly, and looked down. "And my Princess." he put his index finger underneath my chin, and brought my head up slowly. I looked up, but only could see his smile, and the cute small tooth I've seen all these years. His lips inched closer to mine until...


I woke up to the sun shining brightly in my eyes. I sat up straight, and looked around to take in my surroundings. I looked confused as I realized we were in the car. Then the events that took place last night flash through my mind. So it wasn't a dream... At least we're getting out of that hell hole. I couldn't even call that place home.

It wasn't a home in any way. It wasn't happy, and if so it was quickly wiped away. "Where are we?" I asked. "We're about two or three days away now I think." Mom sighed. "Did you sleep?" I asked. "No, I wanted to keep going. The faster we get there, the faster we can all just rest, and relax without the worry of being hit, yelled at or anything of the sort." She said. "Want me to drive?" I asked.

"Everything's okay up here Kell." she told me. "I want you to sleep. Plus you being tired could put us in danger let me drive for awhile." I told her. "Fine," She pulled over. Mom and I switched seats, and she gave me a map. San Diego????? Thats where we're going. My, isn't this going to be a long drive. "Let's stop to get something to eat when you reach a city okay?" She said. "Alright."


Three days later we hit California, almost another day passes, when we get into San Diego. We park in the drive way of a two story house. "We're here!" Mom exclaims happily. "Let get out, and go say hi, then we'll come back out to get our stuff." Mom told us. Jenna and I both said okay and got out following Mom.

She knocked on the white door, and a lady that looked similar to Mom opened the door. "Oh my god!!" She hugged Mom, and let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes widened when she saw Jenna, and I. "Look at how big you two have gotten!!" She the hugged the both of us. "Come in! You guys must be so tired." We all walked in. The house had a homey feel to it, very warm and inviting. Me and Jen stood at the front door waiting for someone telling us what to do.

I took in my surroundings. There was wooden floors, a stairway and a kitchen to the left. "I haven't seen you in forever." The woman hugged my mom. "I know." Mom hugged her back. I could see the both of them tearing up. "I'm glad you've finally gotten away." The woman smiled, and wiped away tears.

"Kids this is your Aunt Jennifer." Mom introduced. "I know you guys probably don't remember me because you both we're in diapers. Me and your mom were cut off from each other, your dad wouldn't let her talk to me, I couldn't talk to her." Jennifer frowned.

"Anyways, Lets get you two settled into your rooms huh?" We went back outside to get our stuff. We brought our things inside and waited for what to do next. "Justin!"Aunt Jennifer yelled, "come show everyone to their rooms!" Moments later a guy about my age came down stairs. He had dirty blond spiked up hair, and greenish grayish eyes.

If he wasn't my cousin, i'd think he's hot in a heartbeat. "Oh my god look at how big he is now! I feel old." Mom laughed. "Justin this is your cousins Jenna and Kellin, and your aunt Mary. Guys this is Justin." Aunt Jennifer introduced. "Hi," Justin waved. While everyone else said "Hi" I muttered a barley noticeable "hi". I'm a shy person at times.

I'm not good around new people at all. "Come on follow me." Justin said to us. We followed him up the stairs. "Okay um..." he looked at me. "Kellin," I told him. "Kellin, you'll be staying with me in my room and..." He paused. "Aunt Mary, and Jenna." Mom answered. "Yeah, you guys are in that room." he pointed to a room across from the room I was staying in.

"Alright go get settled in, and we'll discuss everything about school, and everything else later." Mom told us. I went inside the room with my stuff and Justin told me which bed I would be sleeping in then I put my stuff next to it. "So, um... Kellin I have a few questions."

"Sure..." I say shyly. "So homophobic or nah?" He asked. "I'm gay." I tell him. "Oh okay, same!!" He smiled. "Does your mom and everyone else know?" he asked. "I'm open about it. Everyone can know I don't care. My last school didn't have a problem with it will this one?" I asked.

"Nah, there's more gays than you think there is, and if someone were to ever try and beat us up for it, they will surely be beaten. There's this guy Austin Carlile, total hottie but not the one I'm looking for, anyways, he's one out of lots of other tuff guys that'll hurt people for being homophobic." he told me. "So we're pretty much protected?" I asked. "Yeah." He nodded. "Good," I smiled.

After more question asking, I found out that Justin like just about the same bands I do, and he's pretty much like me... except for the shy part. He's way more outgoing than I am. Justin says he's going to get me out of that though. I guess we'll see how that goes.

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