7.4. Affection or Confusion?

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Chapter # 7.4

Hussain's POV

....a few days later....

I was completing my assignment with my ears plugged in and music actually helping me out in finishing that boring topic in a little better way.

Finishing it in a couple of hours I literally threw the laptop back on the bed and stretched my arms and back as I got up from the chair and looked down at my watch. I realized I didn't have dinner so I shoved away the ear phones and stepped out of my room.

Reaching near Samra's door I found it slightly open and a beautiful voice was coming out, my speed lowered as I stopped in front of the door finding Tehreem sitting crossed legged in the bed with her eyes firm shut and lips busy in recitation.

For a while I forgot I was hungry.

She was constantly repeating the same verse of I dunno which surah from Quran. But the words just felt like the sweetest.

Every time after the verse would end she would look down at the page open wide in her lap and then once again shut her eyes and repeat but then helplessly opens her eyes and finally smacked her head.

"What has gone wrong with you Tehreem?" she stated to herself but then her gaze went up and she caught me staring down at her. for a moment she couldn't react and I realized I was looking like a total creepy person so I cleared my throat a little before pushing the door a little back.

"Ander aa sakta hoon?" I asked. Keeping the heavy looking book close to herself she got up from the bed and stood in the middle of the room as I walked in.


"Assalam-o-Alaikum!" she greeted and I frowned for a moment before remembering it was her habit she would greet with a salaam doesn't matter what time it is, what place it is and how many times she does....

"is it like a serious sin saying a hello?" I asked casually, narrowing my eyes and she frowned.

"No. its not"

"then you could have replied with a simple hi" or maybe the religious people want to show every second that they are religious and better than the rest of the world

"Salam is not just a greeting it's a good deed. when you say Assalam-o-Alaikum you are actually seeking for blessings both for yourself and the other person and my Rabb likes it. This is the best way of greeting and off course for earning a good deed in just a few seconds" she stated and I scratched the crock of my brow, speechless I went.

I nodded my head in agreement.

"uh- Samra nai hea?"

It was a bad move Hussain! obviously wo nai nazer aa rahi to matlab nai hea. what was the point of asking?

"she is downstairs"

"oh! Okay. um... what were you doing?" I asked adding and she looked down at the Quran.

"Memorising something"

"Achaw! So yad nai ho raha tha kia?" I asked casually with a little frown and she nodded pressing her lips in a thin line and I obsevered even with no gloss no lipstick her lips were the most beautiful shade of pink.

I cleared my throat shaking the thoughts off my head. "why don't you listen to it. I mean you learn faster when you listen to stuff rather than you read it" I suggested.

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