Chapter 1

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Naya's POV

It had been 18 years since we told the cast of Glee about our relationship, 17 years since the day we married and 16 years since the birth of our first daughter. We now have three lovely daughters and a beutiful place we call home.

'Mami, where are my new shoes?' called Lexi-May our oldest from her room

'Where ever you left them hija' I replied

Spanish was a big part in our house. The kids may be more fluent then Heather but that hasn't stopped her having conversations with them in both english and spanish.

'Morning babe' said Heather walking into the kitchen, kissing me on the cheek

'You sleep okay?' I asked, coninuing to make the kids lunches

'Sure did' she replied taking a seat at the island counter in our kitchen

'Girls, darse prisa!' (Hurry Up!) I called up the stairs

'Coming Mami' yelled our two youngest. Amber was 9 and full of energy. She was a great dancer just like her Mom. Skye our youngest was 6 and had a big heart.

The kids took a seat next to Heather and I gave them their breakfast

'I'm not hungry' moaned Lexi trudging down the stairs

I heard the front door click open and she was about to wlk out before I stopped her

'Lexi-May Rivera come back here' I shouted

'What?' she screamed shutting the door and walking into the kitchen

'Where do you think your going?' asked Heather backing me up

'To school?' Lexi replied rudely. She was a troublemaker and often found herself in the princibles office. She was a cheerleader just like Heather and I were on glee and unfortuantly for us she was popular. Everyone loved her blah blah blah. She was always getting invited to parties and meeting up with different people. I just wanted her to be happy, and she is I think. But she was defiantly naughty.

'Well, you are not going until you have at least a piece of toast to eat. Then your mother or I will drive you to school' I replied

'Whatever' she replied, taking a seat at the counter and resting her head

'No hables a tu Mami as\u00ed' (Do not speak to your Mami like that) said heather 'Apologise Now'

'Sorry Mami' she replied

2 weeks later

Heathers POV

'Mom, Mami, Can Sofia come back here tonight after the party?'

Sofia was Lea and Diana's daughter. They came out just a few months we did. Sofia came along a couple of months after Lexi and they were the best of friends.

'Woah, I never said you could go to the party?' replied Naya who was sitting on the couch next to me

'But Mom did' she replied smiling

'You're not going lexi' said Naya

'But Mami, Luke is going to be there. And I promised him I would go.'

Luke was Lexi's crush. He was nice and good looking but he was a Jock. The head Jock just like Lexi was the head cheerleader. However, he was a year older than Lexi and I didn't exactly trust him. Not yet anyway'

'Is Sofia going?' I asked