Part 40

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"I'm pregnant" I looked up at Eugene he sat down beside me.

"Don't worry. Why are you worried?" He wiped my cheeks.

"I thought you didn't want kids until later?" 

"It doesn't matter Y/N we have the baby now" He held my hand "Do you want a baby though?"

"I think so" I put my head on his shoulder "I always thought I would be older and more peppered"

"Y/N" His hand traveled to my belly "We talked about it already, I would love to have children with you but my body doesn't have to go through it"

"Eugene, if you are ready so am I" And just like that we were having a baby.

"Are you sure" Eugene asked for the tenth time.

"Yes I want to come to work" I rolled my eyes getting in the car beside him.

"Ashly will be happy" Eugene laughed. 

And he was right as soon as I walked in I was greeted with hugs.

"I've missed you!!" Ashly said into my chest. (I was in heels so I was taller then usual)

"I missed you too, but it's only been a couple days" I laughed.

"That's forever" She wouldn't let go.

"I didn't see Greta for like two years" I smiled making her let go before going forward to Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene to see what we were doing today.

"We're going to go see a lady with a baby" Keith looked really happy.

"Nice" I looked at Eugene.

We started on our way to this woman's home. Keith, Zach and Ned looked happy but Eugene looked kinda nervous.

"You okay Eugene?" Ned asked.

"Yeah" He smirked "What would be wrong?"

"I dunno you just look nervous" He shrugged his shoulders and then went back to debating that it was unfair Keith had experience with babies.

Hey guys how are you? Sorry this is so short I have plans the next few days and didn't want to leave you too long without a chapter. But onto the more important matter... Thank you SO much for almost 40k it honestly means the absolute world to me!! I Love you xx


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