Part 1 "Intro"

Izeiah's Pov

"Huh?"si Cale

"There's no one in here except us"

"No, there's four of us including me and the two guys behind the tree" I told the two who revealed themselves first.

Without any other choice, the two guys behind the tree came out.

"What about the guy on the tree?"

"He was here before me so technically, he isn't stalking me." I said while lying down. Bumangon na ako at nagmulat

"Stalking really doesn't suit you guys." I told them.

Merong umubo, nagiwas tingin naman ang isa, interesado bigla ang isa sa damo at yung isa nataranta.

Suspicious. Were they told to checked on me from time to time incase I cause trouble?

"All students please come here at the field, I repeat all students please come here at the field" announcer

The guy came down from the tree and started walking which I made it my signal to get my butt up and head to the field

It is really a pain to walk, I must say.


Andito na ang lahat ng studyante

"As you all are aware, we are about to play the Izeiah's Game. Aside from that, a rumor has been going around that one of the Swift's Lady has came to enjoy our company. Neverthless, the Kenshi Clan has decided to reward those who identified her at the end of the year ."

"Honestly, explaining the game is really simple. This game will messed up thousands of students, day after day. The highest peak of the so- called fire is unsaid for it doesn't have a barrier to keep it from growing higher and higher. A catastrophe will once again be revived, greater than before for two demons has decided to dance with us in the lands of Izeiah High." That was dark.

The Headmaster smiled and told us..

"And a heads up for all of you people, the one who found the Swift Lady, get to have the newest model of Lamborgini."

"No way"

"Who is it?"

"That's just WOW"

"Let's start hunting!"

Para na kong nasa Wanted List neto. Pinapangarap ko din ang Lamborgini pero ang problema meron nako nun.

 Pinapangarap ko din ang Lamborgini pero ang problema meron nako nun

Oops! Ang larawang ito ay hindi sumusunod sa aming mga alituntunin. Upang magpatuloy sa paglalathala, subukan itong alisin o mag-upload ng bago.

"That's all"

The Empress [Completed]Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!