Chapter Thirty-Six ~ Still As A Corpse

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*Zayn's POV*

I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling thinking of Wynter with bloodshot eyes. God, it was as if I loved her. Don't you, though? If you don't love her, then why would you be acting like this? You'd do anything her her. That was exactly right. I would take her place right now if I could be I know.. I know..that she's being hurt by some monster. Maybe worse. Maybe she's dead.

If she is.... I will be too

I don't know if I'll literally die; the boys won't allow that. But I'm absolutely positive that if she dies, I will never be the same. Because before she came into my life, I thought I was complete. But then I realized that there was something about her that made me whole and made me complete, even if we had never been a couple.

I'm still hanging on to that strand of hope though and praying that she'll come back to me. I went over to my dresser and looked at the picture I had of Wynter and l, smiling just barely. She was in my arms bridal style, with one arm latched around my neck and the other outstretched and waving at the camera. One of her feet were diagonally straight up in the air with the other one slightly bent below it I was looking down at her and smiling. I raised my right hand and placed my left hand over my heart without moving my gaze from it.

"l, Zayn Jawaad Malik, promise to make you mine if you come back to me... And if you don't.. I'll go with you."

*Wynter's POV*

Something hit my stomach and I bolted upright, moaning in the process. The door slammed before my vision was clear and I heard footsteps above me. A bottle of water was beside me and I practically pounced on it, ripping the cap off and chugging it. In fact, I was drinking it so fast it took me a minute to realize it tasted... off. By now more than half of the bottle was gone. I held it up to the light and realized it was slightly a tan-ish color.

My brain began to grow fuzzy and I quickly sat down as I got a weird feeling all over my body. What was going on? What had he done to me?' He surely hadn't poisoned me, right?' I was freaking out on the inside, but on the outside I was going numb. I slowly laid down as I gradually lost feeling in my limbs and then my face, then my neck and torso. On the inside I was thrashing, but on the outside I was as still as a corpse.

I heard the door open, but I couldn't turn my head to see him coming downstairs or to look at him when he lifted me over his shoulder. I just slumped. I watched the floor as he carried my dead weight up two flights of stairs and into my bathroom. If I could've made a sound, I would've been cussing at him and screaming. He dropped me onto the tile, none too gently, and started the bath water. What the hell was he doing?

It was when he picked me up and set me in the tub that everything clicked. Just cause I couldn't move, doesn't mean I couldn't feel. The water was burning hot. "Rot in hell," he growled as he got up, locked the door, and shut it behind him as he left me alone. I was paralyzed. I was in a tub. With the water on. My dad was drowning me.

*Aqua's POV*

I peered into the dining room window of Wynter's house with Scarlet next to me. We were getting Wynter out and we had a plan constructed. Hazel would distract him so we could sneak in since he wouldn't recognize her. Scarlet and I would climb in the window and try to find Wynter and get her out safely. I heard the doorbell ring and he got up to answer it. As soon as he was out of sight, I pulled open the window and slipped inside with Scarlet behind me.

I ran over to the wall and pressed myself against it I could hear him talking near the door and I ran over to the basement door. I threw it open and listened, but heard nothing. Scarlet ran up the stairs and I was hot on her tail. While Scarlet checked her dad's room, I ran to her room. Once I was inside, I heard a water running and ran over to her bathroom. I tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. Scarlet was the one for this. I dragged her to the door.

"Pick the lock!" I whispered loudly. She pulled the body pin out of her hair and shoved it in the hole in the doorknob, jimmying it around until I heard a click and the door was thrown open. Wynter was lying in the bathtub with her hair spread out around her. I could see she was in clothes, including the sweatshirt we'd left. I froze up when I saw she was completely submerged in water, not moving.

"WYNTER!!" Scarlet yelled and jumped forward. She hoisted Wynter out of the water and laid her on the ground. I heard feet pounding up the stairs and turned to see her father glaring at me.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE?'" he screamed. And just like that, I became a new person. I found my voice and more.

"YOU FUCKING MONSTER'" I screeched in deadly fury and flung myself at him. Thinking about everything I've always wanted to make him pay for resurfaced and only made my anger grow even more. The bruises he'd left on Wynter, the crying he'd put his daughters through, the pain they've endured, the torture.

Every time I found a new bloody mark on their bodies, when I watched Wynter's eyes roll back in her head when she fell on that chair, watching her have to teach herself how to love. And most recently: seeing her dead in that bathtub.

I kicked him in the balls as hard as I could multiple times, grinning madly when he collapsed on the grounding yelling in pain. I rammed my knee into his face and racked my nails down his cheek_ Through my tears and my hate, I swung with all my might and made him feel a little of the pain that she felt. Because she was gone and it was all his fault.

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