Handcuffs & Punishments

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"Put me down asshole" I scream

"So you can run off and try to get my ass beat again, yah no thanks" Kai talks back.

I sigh knowing there was no point in arguing, I had lost and now there was no way I was getting out.

When Kai burst into the stench filled bathroom with his torn up shirt and bruised body I knew I was a gonner.

Without wasting time Kai lifted me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing. I look around and see many people staring at us and whispering. Some even smiled at us. Why?!? Like can you not see I'm in a traumatic state.

"Would stop wiggling kitten, you're making this 10 times harder" Kai complained.

"Oh I'm sorry, I should just relax as you manhandle me!"I sarcastically reply.

"Actually that would be great" ugh pig.

With that I start hitting Kai's back and shouting at him to put me down. After what seems like forever he puts me down and groans.

"That's it I've had it with you and your horrible behaviour, I've been nothing but good to you. If I wanted I could've tied you up and put you in the trunk and duck taped that annoying mouth of yours. But I didn't, you know I thought  hey maybe I don't have to stoop that low, but I think I do. Not only did you get me beat up, you humiliated me. And I'm sick of it. You know I could just kill you or throw you out in the woods at night and let wolves eat you till your only bones. But I can't and I don't know why I'm giving you another chance but I am so if you mess up just once more I will not hesitate to take any horrible actions, now we do this my way or no way at all, got it!" Kai rants.

I nod my head saying yes. There in no way in hell I'll be messing with him anytime soon.

Kai let's out a deep breath " I still need to grab a few things and there's no way I'm leaving you alone again." He grabs my wrist and begins to walk dragging me along with him.

As we enter the store/gas station I notice us getting some stares from people. Maybe they were thinking why a hot ass guy would be with a girl like me or why I would be scowling because I sure as hell wasn't smiling. If it wasn't for Kai's death grip, I would've ran out of the store faster than a Black Friday sale.

We went farther into the store scrummaging through isles, I guess Kai couldn't find what he was looking for.We walked past an elderly couple who looked at us like we were brad and Angelina.

"Awe would you look at that Howard, they're so cute, look how protective he is over her, they remind me of us when we younger". The woman smiles at us.

I can't help but snort at her, only if she knew how wrong she was.

We walked to the front of the store where the checkout was. The cashier looked up at us and smirked. The cashier looked only a few years older than us, with sleeve tattoos and a stench of weed you could smell a mile away.

"Oh wouldn't you look at that, you guys made up." He spoke.

"What" Kai and I say in unison.

"You guys were fighting outside weren't yah, that's what the whole scene was about outside right"

Before I could correct him Kai speaks up.

"Right, look I need handcuffs, do you guys have them?" Kai says

What. Handcuffs!?! He can't be serious.....

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