Your Crush

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It had been about two weeks since you had first arrived in the glade and you had made many friends. Minho, Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa were all close to you, but Newt was everything to you. He was perfection. The way he smiles makes your knees weak. But he only thinks of you as a friend. At least you think he does you don't want to let yourself hope. Your afraid he will only let you down. But it kills you every time you look at him and know he can't be yours.

One day while working in the gardens Newt tells you to take a break. You've been working hard all day so you gladly accept. You where laying on the grass next to Newt. Just letting your thoughts take over when you hers Newt's voice, which immediately took you back to reality. "So Y\N" he said in his British accent you loved so much. "do you like anyone in the glade?" He asked.

You paused for a moment before answering "Yes I do." he sits up and looks down at you. You notice him clenching his fists, almost trying to mask his anger. Wait, is he jealous? Does he actually like you? You push the thought out of your mind when he asks "Well who is the bloody shank?" His frustration clearly evident. You couldn't help but giggle. "It's a secret Newt." You reply. "Just tell me." His British accent made his anger and frustration even cuter. " I can't tell you." You say trying your hardest not to giggle. "Is it that bloody shank Minho?" He said almost yelling. "No! He is just a friend Newt."

Newt was almost to a boiling point when he asked "Well who is it then?" " You" you say blushing a deep red. You see Newt's anger fade as he realizes what you said. "You mean all this bloody time you liked me?" He says laughing. "Why in the bloody world would you like someone with a bloody limp?" "What's not to like? Your sweet, protective, and not to mention adorable." You say blushing even more. " Well if I bloody knew that I would have done this a lot sooner."

Your confused as to what that means and as you look to him for answers his lips meet yours. You had waited for this for so long, but you never thought that it would happen. But all you doubts were washed away as you realized that you loved him. You pulled away and whispered so softly only he could hear" I love you Newt." "I love you too." There they were, the words you had longed to hear since the day you arrived in the glade. And in that moment you were happy, happier than you had ever been before. You now knew that he was yours and no one could ever take him away from you.

Yup, i know it was terrible. I am taking requests so comment if you have a good idea! Also I saw the idea for this on Pinterest and I do not know who made that originally. But most of this was my own, the imagine I got the idea from was only like 5 sentences, but still credit to them.(whoever they are)

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