"And that's how I lost my virginity, Lex." I said while painting my toe nails.
"No way! When?" Alexa said on the other line.
"Um, about 7 months ago."
"Ugh, and you never told me until now?!" Lex started to exaggerated.
"I wanted to keep it a secret. BUT YOU BETTER NOW TELL ANYONE."
"No, no, no I promise! Lips sealed. Well I gotta go, my mom is telling me dinner's ready. Bye love ya bestie, see you tomorrow."
"Bye, love you." I hanged up the phone and finished up my pedicure.

Nobody except Lexa knows I lost my virginity, well other than the guy I lost it to. It was my first time and I was nervous. It all happened at this one party I went to 7 months ago. We weren't drunk, but we did have a little too much fun. It was the best time of my life. I only talked to him once after that all happened, but I lost his phone number and we never spoke to each other since.

"Ari, dinner's ready!" my mom shouted from downstairs.
"Ok," I shouted back, "be down there in three minutes." I started to wash my hands and then headed downstairs. I sat in front of my older sister, next to my mom and dad. We started to eat and talk.
"So how was school today?" my dad asked me.
"Boring. As usual. Work?" I asked my dad.
"Horrible, I spilled coffee on my suit."
"That's nice dad." I laughed.
"Guys, I have important news to tell you!" Selena, my older sister, said while standing up.
"What is it?" My mom asked.
"I have a boyfriend!" she said all exciting. I'm not surprised, she has one every 2 months.
"Congratulations!" my mom said.

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