Unwanted Run-Ins On Perfect Days (Part 3)

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*Wynter's POV*

Fear had drained me of all other emotions. My eyes were glued shut and I was praying this was just a dream while I stood stock still, barely even breathing. "l don't want you to make a sound. Walk out that door now," he growled in my ear. I took a deep breath and replied with a shaking voice, "I'm here with someone. They'll get suspicious when I don't return."

"l don't give two shits what your friend thinks'" he snarled, squeezing my waist so tightly that tears burned the back of my eyes. "Walk. Now!" What was I supposed to do? I wasn't strong enough to fight him and I couldn't scream because his hand was over my mouth again. Leaving the kitten there, I opened the exit door and walked out with him right on my tail. He took a good hold of my wrist and pretty much dragged me to his blue truck before literally shoving me inside.

I guessed he was taking me to his house, because where else would he go? The drive was agonizingly slow. He cussed at me the whole time, called me worthless, threatened me, etc. Let's just say I'm surprised I didn't cry and that I officially feel like shit. Only I didn't know I'd spoken too soon. When we pulled into the driveway, he dragged me out of the car and into the house, throwing me onto the floor when the door was shut behind us.

"YOU'RE IN FOR IT! SNEAKING OUT OF MY HOUSE! YOU'RE LUCKY I DIDN'T GO KILL LAUREN!!"  I snapped. "DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER YOU DUMB PIECE OF SHIT!  GO TO HELL!" His fist connected with my eye and sent me reeling into the wall with a thud. "HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME THAT WAY'" he shrieked and grabbed me by the back of my neck, tossing me into the living room. I coughed as I landed on my back and had the wind knocked out of me.

Don't you dare cry! He stormed over and kicked me in the stomach, making me double over in pain and clench my teeth so only a groan would escape. He yanked me to my feet and dragged me into the kitchen, turning on the burner. I struggled to get free, biting and scratching. I knew what was about to happen. It happened once before when I was fourteen. For my birthday, he'd turned on the burner and pressed my hands to it seven times each. Fourteen times total for turning fourteen years old. It had taken years for the scars to fade.

"Stop"' I begged. "Please"' He grabbed my hand and shoved it onto the burner and I screamed at the top of my lungs, letting the tears fall. "Quit crying, you worthless whore!" When I didn't obey, he took my stinging hand off the stove and dragged me into the bathroom. He locked the door behind him and found a razor in the cabinets below the sink. I shook with fear as he reached for my arm, but I coward into the corner and stayed there. He punched my jaw extremely hard, making me stumble and he cut my arm before I could regain my balance.

I bit my lip till I tasted blood so I wouldn't make a sound. He poured half a bottle of peroxide on it and I screamed as it bubbled and burned like Hell. I continued begging for him to stop.   "YOUR THE REASON ANN IS DEAD'" he screamed in my face, spitting on me. "YOU THINK I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU MERCY?! YOU'RE LIFE IS GOING TO BE A LIVING HELL BEFORE YOU DIE!"

He dragged me to the basement, opened the door, and shoved me inside. The door slammed shut behind me as I tumbled down the steps, each time I hit the steps pain shot through me. I laid on the ground for a moment, too sore to get up. Once I realized where I was, I scrambled up the steps. I jiggled the knob but the door wouldn't budge. I was locked in. Letting out a shaky breath, I slowly descended down the steps, turned on the single light bulb hanging from the ceiling, and looked around the room.

It smelled musty, all of the windows had boards covering them as if he had this whole thing planned to keep me in the house. The floor was cold. Absolutely nothing was down here. My tears had stopped, but my whole body was screaming with pain. I walked over to the darkest corner I could find and curled up against the wall, my body heat being stolen from my body. Soon the shivering set in and my mind began to race.

This wasn't happening. I closed my eyes tight and then opened them, hoping it would all be a dream. But it wasn't. I was locked in my freezing cold basement with nothing to keep me warm except for the clothes I was wearing. My whole body (mostly my hand and arm) were screaming in pain. How long did it take Louis to realize I was gone? What is he doing now? Did he tell the others? When am I gonna get out of here? Will I get out of here?

Something I hadn't yet processed finally clicked in my brain. He'd said my life would be a living hell  before I died. Before I died. That's when the real water works began. I full on sobbed into my knees, kind of choking myself. I didn't want to die! I wanted out of here and I wanted Zayn to hold me and tell me everything would be alright I wanted...I wanted a hero. For someone to save me from this death trap I call my life. I just wanted Zayn.

I began talking to myself quietly. "W-why can't I t-tell y-ou? Why do-es life ha-ve to b-be s-o h-hard? I-I ju-st want-t it to st-op! P-plea-se make it st-stop!"

I didn't have my phone and nobody knew where I was. I was stuck here to deal with the pain without anyone here to help me. How long would it take for Scarlet, Aqua, or Hazel to think of me being here? They probably all thought I was kidnapped. Just someone... please...

Save me.

*Louis' POV*

I was pacing, getting slightly worried. It had been ten minutes and Wynter still wasn't back. I decided to look for her. I walked around the mall, asking a few male workers if they'd seen her. Nobody had. I sprinted out of the mall and went to my car, calling Zayn as soon as I had the engine running.

"Hey, Lou"' he said happily. "WE HAVE A PROBLEM'" I shouted. "WYNTER IS GONE! I CAN'T FIND HER ANYWHERE!"

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?'" he shouted back, worry flooding his voice. I made myself calm down so I wouldn't have to repeat anything. "It's a long story. Just get everyone back to the house." I ended the call and texted Paul, telling him to meet us at our flat.

*Zayn's POV*

Hazel and I were absolutely frantic. When we pulled into our driveway, I jumped out of the car and sprinted into the house. I found Louis, Paul, Harry, Scarlet, Niall, Aqua, Liam, and Eleanor all crowded in the living room talking. All of the girls looked like they'd been crying. Hazel ran over to Liam and he held her, whispering comforting words.

"What happened?'" I asked Louis, cutting off Harry who'd been talking. Louis said with a panicky voice, "I-I don't know! We were at the pet store and the kitten I was playing with ran out so Wynter went to get it instead of me, being afraid fans would notice me and trample it. She never came back and nobody had seen her!"

I honestly felt like crying. She was gone, maybe kidnapped. "Calm down'" Paul yelled over us. "l know you guys are worried, but things aren't too bad yet. I'll go to the mall and talk with security. We'll go over all of the videos from today's security cameras and I'll call you if  we find anything." Everyone agreed this was the best way to start. I walked over to him and whispered, "Please find her."

He gave me a reassuring pat on the shoulder before walking out. The room was silent except for sniffling. "Can I stay here tonight?" Hazel whispered, looking up at Liam, "l don't want to be alone." He nodded. "Of course. You can have my room and I'll sleep down here." She shook her head no. "It's your bed."

"You're our guest," he replied. "We can share your room," she said in a question form. I could tell he was fighting a smile and instead nodded. "You all can stay here if you'd like," Harry informed Aqua and Scarlet. Scarlet nodded, burying her face in his chest.

I couldn't take all this couply stuff anymore while Wynter was only God-knows-where probably hurt. "I'm going to bed." I went to my room without their replies and sat on my bed, not even bothering to change my clothes. A few tears slipped as I began to fall into the darkness.

"l want to save you."

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