Unwanted Run-ins On Perfect Days (Part Two)

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*Wynter's POV*

"Louis, can we see the puppies?! Please! Please!" "But I want to by a shirt for El." he replied. I grabbed his wrist and dragged him out of the store. "You don't have to give her gifts to get sex, you know," I said. I silently cheered when I looked over to see him beet red. One point for this sexy goddess. When we got to the pet store in the mall, I let go of Louis' wrist and sprinted inside, heading straight for the puppies. I squealed like a five year old getting candy when saw they had a Siberian Husky puppy. (AN: Seriously, THESE ARE MY FAVOURITE TYPEOF DOG! They are ADORABLE!)

"What are you making that horrifying sound about?'" Louis asked as he came up behind me. I tapped on the glass enclosing the puppy and jumped up and down. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?'" I screamed, earning strange looks from others. "Uh... a dog?"

"IT'S A SIBERIAN FREAKING HUSKY" I shouted again. "Can I play with it? Please please please please please!" He sighed but nodded and I gave him a bear hug.  "God," he choked out through me crushing him. "You'd think it was diamonds or something." I lightly slapped him. "This is better than diamonds, Tomlinson'" I warned before walking over to a worker. "May I see the Husky puppy, please?" The older man nodded with a smile and got it out for me.

I sat in one of those little box things with the white/black colored dog and began to pet it when it jumped on me. I realized it was a girl when I saw it was wearing a pink collar. "Hello, munchkin'" I cooed.

*Louis' POV*

On the outside, I looked bored being in this pet store, but on the inside, I was jumping with joy. Why, you ask? Because I was getting a video of Wynter playing with this puppy and Zayn was so going to owe me for this. Yup, I was gonna show it to Zayn. I had to! She looked so... adorable playing with it, and no I don't mean that flirtatiously, and Zayn of all people should be able to see her like this,

"Louis, isn't she so cute?'" Wynter asked without looking away from the puppy. "l have to admit, it's very cute," I replied. After about fifteen minutes, I headed over to the cats while fixing my hat, glasses, and fake mustache. Disguises are lovely things my friends. I saw a kitten that was all black with bright blue eyes and awwed to myself. I asked to see it and a nice teenager took him out of the cage and handed him to me. "Aren't you adorable?"

I asked the kitten. "l shall name you Superman 2.0" l, being the abnormal guy I am, began to twirl the cat around while  making fighter plane noises. "We're hit! We're hit! Plane down!" I swooped the kitten down and made a crash sound. When the kitten almost reached the ground, it scratched me and I let it go, yelling in surprise and pain. Then, to my dismay, the kitten ran out of the store.

*Wynter's POV*

I've never laughed harder in my life. Watching Louis act like that kitten was a plane was the funniest thing ever! I watched as he yelled, "We're hit! We're hit! Plane down!" and began to dive the furball towards the ground. He dropped it when it scratched him and then it ran out of the store. He began to chase after it, but I stopped him.

"I'll get it'" I said. "Your disguise might come off and fans would trample the poor thing." I ran out of the store and followed the kitten, making kissy noises to try to get it to stop scampering away. I sighed in relief when it backed up against an exit door since it couldn't run anywhere else.

Then just as I was about to grab it, hands clamped around my mouth and waist.

"Miss me, bitch?" they growled.

My heart sank when I realized who it was:


A/N: Ohhhhhhhhh shit. Even I'm excited and I know what's gonna happen!

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