Chapter 1

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Purple haired girls POV


 I broke a little twig off my apple tree. I was breaking off the dead branches in order for my ripe fruits to healthily arrive in spring. 

Winter near my cottage can be disastrous, but so beautiful. The white blanket of snow not only covered the ground, but my cottage roof, and the tree tops. But what most beautiful was the freezing fog. It not only fills the air in a cold white fog, but freezes limbs of trees to create artistic sheets of ice crystals.

After awhile of breaking branches from my fruit trees, I started to walk home. Before I got to my cottage, I decided to stop by my strawberry patch. 

"Shoot!" I thought aloud. About half of my strawberry patch was completely dead. I picked the dead plants and put them in my basket along with the branches. I checked my fishnet cover that stood over my berry bushes, to see if there were any holes or rips in the fabric.

Finally I was done, and I was really heading home. I live in a cottage like house in the woods near no other human civilization. But I don't mind, The aura surrounding my living space is very quiet and peaceful. I don't have to live with people watching me do my daily business.

  I get to the front door and grab my old key from under my carrot pot. I stuck the key through the lock and turned. It made the familiar sound of creaks and I walked into a whiff of terrible odor and a guilty looking bunny.

"Flopsy, you didn't?!" I said pinching my nose with my fingers. Flospy hopped over to me and attempted to make up for it my rubbing against my legs. I just shook my head and shooed him away.

He ran away, probably hiding from me. I started my new adventure. The treacherous Finding the Bunny Droppings adventure.

{Time skip: 30 min}

"Finally...I found it... This is a new spot Flopsy, in my pot cupboard!?" I scowled at the bunny but secretly congratulated myself on finding the hidden treasure. Note my sarcasm. 

I took the small trek to my pantry so I could prepare a nutritious supper to reward myself for a long days work. I open the cupboard and decide to make my self a garden salad. I grabbed an apple, two carrots, a head of lettuce, a pepper, and my homemade sweet apple salad dressing.

I whistle for Flospy and he comes running immediately. I put the carrot on the table, he hops on a chair first and then on the table. I grab myself a wooden plate put the freshly made salad on it, squirt some lemon juice and then pour the dressing. 

It was good meal, but I was still left hungry. I needed to save up my food stash, so that was all I could eat for now. Just to satisfy some of the aching hunger I poured myself a cup of milk from the last of the jars my newly deceased goat Boom Boom had provided for me.

Flopsy already finished his carrot and looked at me with big eyes as I nodded in approval for him to leave the table. I decided to go to my a small room I called a library and read for a little bit. I got my favorite book called "リトルフラワー" (Little Flower) (An: I just made this book up it is not a real book, at least I don't think...)

{Time skip: Two hours }

After finishing almost half of the book I decided to stop for the night. I whistled for Flopsy to come. 

"Its time for bed!" I called over a yawn. Flopsy came hopping slowly, he hated going to bed. He was kind of like a stereotypical child, never wanting to go to sleep. I smiled at the thought. We walked over to my bedroom, it was fairly small with a twin sized bed, a little night stand, a coffee table in the middle with an empty vase (awaiting flowers), a vanity stand that had a brush on it and  perfume I made myself, and a drawer full of my clothes (which wasn't much).

I got into my sleeping gown, grabbed Flopsy and put him in his bed. I took out my braids and brushed my hair. The constant thought of my purple hair made my mind wander in curiosity.  I just shrugged it off like always and continued what I was doing. Flopsy was already in asleep.

"Sleepy little bunny..." I thought aloud.  I got under my covers and laid there for a while thinking until sleep took over.

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