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Dear readers,
Her Adopted Baby's Daddy is coming soon, right after my new book The Pregnant soon-to-be Wife which I just got started on. Here's a sneak peek of The Pregnant soon-to-be Wife. You're gonna love it.

We got in the elevator. She stared at the door while I stared at her.
She was a mystery to me. A puzzle I haven't figured out, yet. Her hair was now dry and straight. All I wanted to do was reach out and put my fingers in them, pull her very close to me, make her look into my eyes with her radiant eyes and I'd taste those plum pink lips of hers. She is the first woman who has ever made me feel these things, ever.

It was surprising how easily she made me show my emotions and how easily she made me apologize. Something I'd never done before after my parents died. I knew what she thought of me.

Arrogant, Over-bearing, Domineering and Bossy.

She was right.

"I guess this is good night"

"Yea. I had an amazing time"

"I hate to say it but, me too" she said and I smiled

She unlocked her door and was about entering
"Anna?" I said

I wanted him so bad back in his office and now, I want him more.

I looked into his eyes and swallowed hard. He looked at my lips and back into my eyes. His second hand was now behind the small of my back pulling me a little closer to him.

Our faces was now really close. On an impulse I closed my eyes and felt soft lips on mine. I parted mine a little and that was all it took for him to get all the access we both needed.

His kiss was soft and gentle at first then it rapidly became hot and demanding. I moaned when our tongues touched. He groaned and pulled me tighter to him. We were soo close, it felt like we were made this way.

His hand surveyed my back and the other pulled my face closer to his for him to get more access. Which I didn't think was possible cause we were kissing so hard there was no space left. His kiss was making me hot and I wanted more but I didn't know what more was.

That's it. Check it out guys. It's Romance-Tragedy all in one. You're gonna live through every motion like it was yours.

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