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(Natalie POV)

I woke up in the morning to see Stephanie already up and putting makeup on.

"Good morning'' she said.

"Hi" I said.

"Hey I have only 2 classes today, okay? So I'm gonna be out and I think I should be back by late evening because Pepper Bangs invited me to her party and I won't have time to come home and dress up so I'll just go from there" she said.

"Oh, okay. I don't have any classes today" I said. Stephanie put her makeup supplies down.

"I'm sorry you didnt get invited. I tried to tell her"

"I'm not complaining. We're not really friends and she's still really nice" I replied.

"Okay. Just checking" she said sadly. After about half an hour, Stephanie left.

"Just call me if you need anything, okay?" she said making sure.

"Mhm. Don't worry I'll be fine" I answered. She finally left so I got up and made myself some cereal and turned on the TV. It happened to be on nickelodeon and Big Time Rush was on. I watched it for a while when I heard my phone buzz on the table. I went to go get it and it was a text from James.

Hey! :) Watcha up to?

Nothing much. Watching you on TV, that's all XD

Haha really?

Yeah, Steph just went to her two classes she had today and then she's gonna go to some party. Guess I'm staying home alone all day :(

Hm.. That sucks. Well I guess I'll talk to you later!

Oh okay. Bye

(James POV)

'Oh okay. Bye' she answered. I pondered over the fact that she was home alone today for a moment. I knew what I had to do.

*45 minutes later*

I ring the doorbell to her dorm. She opens the door surprised. She was wearing a simple white tang top with red striped pajama pants. Her hair was set up in a messy bun with a big jaw clip and she had on cute bunny slippers. She had on simple ponytail bands as bracelets, a watch and she had on the same long heart locket that she was wearing yesterday. She had on every earring in every piercing. Her tang top ended right before her belly button revealing yet another piercing on it. She had a huge bowl of cereal and was shoving it down her mouth furiously.

When she saw me she almost choked.

"James? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Well you told me you were gonna be staying here alone so I thought I could come over and maybe hangout" I answered.

"Oh. Thanks so much" she said looking very happy. I came in and sat on the opposite bed. We awkwardly sat there for a moment.

"So uh, would you like something to eat?" she asked me.

"Oh no thanks I already ate at home" I answered. We talked in and out for a while but after a couple of hours we started to have a legit conversation about ourselves. Right now she was at the point of explaining her mother and I was listening eagerly. For a moment she stopped talking.

"James come here on my bed" I was a little surprised by her demand and went on her bed. She took off her locket and scooted closer to me.

"You know why I always wear this locket?," I shook my head, "I'll show you," she pressed the little button on the side of the heart and it popped open revealing a picture of a younger Natalie and an older woman that looked exactly like her, "that's my mom. And that's me when I was eight" she sighed.

I took the locket from her and really focused on the picture. They both seemed so happy in that picture that it even brought a smile on my face. I handed it back to her and she smiled.

"You know I'm really surprised" I finally said.

"About what?" she asked confused.

"Your not like any other girl. Usually I'd expect to turn around and see you crying right now, but your just so strong. You dont have any insecurities about yourself either. You don't put any makeup or fancy clothes to hide how you look.

She smiled, "You know what? I feel like our generation is so weak. That if your called a slight insult you kill yourself. They wanna make a permanent solution for a temporary problem. But your right, I'm not like that. All I care about is more food," she joked.

We talked for a little more until we started to get hungry and ordered pizza. We heard the bell ring. Natalie went to open the door. Standing there were Stephanie, Kendall, Logan, and Carlos.

(Carlos POV)

Natalie opened the door.

"Nat, look who I found on my...... Way here...." Stephanie said. She was shocked to see James on Natalies bed with his mouth full of Papa Johns Pizza. Kendall, Logan, and I were surprised too.

"Oh hey boys!," James said jumping up, "guess what? I spent my whole afternoon with Nat today!," he said clearly trying to make us jealous.

"Yea. It was really fun" said Natalie. James smiles and raises his eyebrows at us.

"Oh well Natalie, it was great hanging out with you but I really have to go home" he hugged her goodbye and as he was passing by us he whispered in our ears, "good luck fellas"

(Logan's POV)

"Good luck fellas" we heard him whisper. I rolled by eyes. Stephanie let us inside and we finished the rest of the pizza and talked. I excused myself to the bathroom to wash my hands.

When I was done washing my hands, I opened the door to see Natalie leaning on it. Sure enough, she fell right back, but not before I caught her with my hands.

Her head was lightly resting on my arms and I stared at her breath taken at the view I was seeing. Slowly I helped her get back up.

"Oh my gosh, thanks for not letting my head crack open" she laughed. I laughed also and went back to the room.

(Natalie POV)

After a while everyone left leaving only me and Stephanie. Stephanie started talking about her day and how the party was. I wasn't really paying attention. I had other things in mind. Finally I couldn't take it anymore.

"Steph!," her pink tipped hair turned around in shock, "I have to tell you something" I said.

"Oh okay. Go on" and I did. I told her everything about Carlos to Kendall to James and now to Logan. After I was done she looked surprised.

"Nat? Do you know what this means? Carlos smiling when you put your hand on his? Kendall looking at you in the moonlight? James coming over to hangout with you and listening eagerly to your personal life and Logan catching you in his arms when you fell? Nat, Big Time Rush has a crush on you!"

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