In no time, a plate with a variety of food is set in front of me just after a plate with the same food is set in front of Ryle, who wastes no time and starts to eat the eggs and bacon.

"Good you are up early." Brutus says and looks at me while I yawn, which makes him yawn as well.

"Yeah, I heard you here and decided to wake up for good and come to eat." I lie.

Ryle just turns to look at me for a second or two, giving me an I-know-you-are-lying look. I just give him a small half smile in an innocent way and drink some of my juice, pretending everything is cool.

"I'm glad you did because I want to talk to you."

"Oh, what about?" I ask, a sudden feel of curiosity takes over me.

"Eat first and we will discuss it after breakfast."

"Okay." I say and go back to eating, but I can't help but feel anxious about it, what could he possibly want?

About five minutes later we are joined by my prep team and stylist, they all say a 'good-morning' and sit down, they all flash me a smile, except for Carlyne, who only nods at me. And just as Ryle, they waste no time to start to eat.

Ryle's stylist and prep team join a minute or so after that, they all do the same my own prep team and stylist did, except they didn't smile at Ryle. He didn't even look up at them.

"Morning." I hear a high-pitch voice saying, a voice that could only belong to Enebry. And soon enough, I hear her heels clicking as she makes her way to the table.

She takes her usual seat at the end of the table, she looks around and it seems she's not happy she's the last one to come. Manners are everything to her, and being the last one is not that good.

"Anything interesting?" Enebry asks Brutus, as he keeps reading the newspaper and takes a sip of coffee every now and then. I like coffee but not black like Brutus and Lyme drink it, I tasted it once and it was disgusting.

"Not really, it's the same every day." Brutus replies. "I will give it you when I'm done with it."

"Oh, thank you." Enebry says in a polite way.

Enebry puts her napkin on her laps, something only she does, I did it the first day but I couldn't be bothered any longer with that. She's also the only one that uses every piece of silvery, I only use one fork, the knife and if I need it, I use the spoon. I don't know what is the big deal about using different forks for different foods, it's just confusing. Much simpler and easier to only use what I need.

"I already have your dress." Carlyne says to me, his green eyes fixed on me.

"Really?" I ask in excitement, I can't help but smile at this.

"It's beautiful! You are going to love it!" Viola says, joining in.

"You are going to look so gorgeous in it." Trenk says to me.

"But you have to wait until tomorrow to see it."

"I can't wait!" I say to Carlyne, and every word is actually true. After what they all did to me for the Parade, I can't help but be excited about this new outfit. I know it will be flawless. I don't want to seem vain or anything but it feels nice to be dressed so pretty and feel beautiful, at least for a while.

When we are all done with breakfast, Enebry makes conversation with Carlyne, while Brutus and Lyme talk and laugh about something. The prep teams are also talking about something. It seems only Ryle and I have nothing to talk about. I want to leave because it feels so awkward but I can't leave, Brutus wants to talk to me.

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