Chapter 22
November 29, 2016

I haven't been a bad girl. I've been a girl with common sense that speaks her mind. I watch as Harry begins to push my shirt up and trail kisses across my stomach. But something that I don't get about this is that I let him. I don't try to squirm away, no nerves are present I'm not really feeling any type of emotion.

I think this is a shock to Harry because he stops and looks at me seeming confused. "No fight?" I only shrug. He groans and pulls down my shirt. I sit up in the bed and hug my knees to my chest while Harry flops back onto his bed. "Why'd you stop?" he covers his face with his hands and shakes his head.

"It doesn't feel right, it wouldn't feel right."

"Im pretty sure you've done this numerous times so what makes this time any different?" he shrugs his shoulders. Hannah and Sophie soon emerge from behind Harry's front door and make their way onto the head of the bed. "So are we not sleeping together tonight?"

The inmatureness of these girls just opals me to the extent where a part of me thinks that they're actually faking it. "You two can sleep in the guess room, Camila and I have some, business to take care of." Harry angles a look down at me and I raise an eyebrow and turn my head to face him but don't say a word. I swear this boy is bipolar or something because all week he's been ignoring me and now he's letting me sleep- forcing me to sleep in the same bed as him.

Dumb and Dumber skip out the room holding one anothers hands while slapping each other butts. "What is wrong with them?"

"Their fathers were masters and their mums were BabyGirls. They grew up in this system and they were basically taught that acting child-like was normal." I roll my eyes. In a sense, I feel extremely bad for the girls who grow up in this company.

They aren't shown what real life is like and they are corrupted and taught all the wrong things from a young age. They don't get to grow up normal because they're constantly having sëx with different men from a wide age range from the age of ten.

"Can I go back into my own room now?" he shakes his head and stands up from the bed. "No, we have lacked training for you for too long. Its time to start, now." I furrow my eyebrows and cock my head to the side. As I open my mouth to say something, Harry holds a finger in the air and silences me.

"You will speak whenever you are told. You will not speak freely unless given permission. You will address anyone older than you by mistress, sir or Master; depending on their preference." he notices the change in my facial expression and begins to talk once again.

"You will not talk back, disobey or do whatever you feel or want to, starting now. However, if you don't listen you will be punished and every punishment will get worse than the last. Knowing you and your personality, you will get so many you won't be able to count them all on all fingers and toes." he clears his throat and runs a hand through his hair and positions himself back down onto the mattress.

"To speak you must ask, permission to speak sir, mistress or Master. Understand?" I blankly stare at him not knowing if this is a test or not. He lets out a huff of air from his nose and smiles down at me. "You can speak now. If someone asks you a question, you don't have to ask to answer it or talk."

"I guess or whatever."

"No that's not how you answer. If it's a yes or no question you will say yes master or no master got it?"

"Yes Harry?" Once again he shakes his head at me. "You will address to me as Sir," he leans in close to my ear and whispers, "or daddy." the memories of Master saying that he was my daddy come flooding into my mind and I burst out laughing. A smile creeks onto Harrys lips and I think he remembers also. "My dad?" I nod my head and he burst out laughing along with me but soon stops and goes serious.

This was the first time in about three weeks that I've seen Harry smile and heard him laugh and in an odd way its kind of comforting. The sense of comfort floats away as Harry returns back to his grumpy self and he shows no emotion. "Get on your knees." He points to the rug sitting right by the nightstand and I unintentionally let out a scoff. "Excuse me?" He snaps his fingers and points at me.

"That would fall under the category of disobeying and you would be punished for that. But as I said, on your knees, know." I climb off the bed and onto the floor. I feel like a complete weirdo doing this. Honestly is this even necessary or is this just to embarrass me? "Good girl. Now follow me?" he gets up from his bed and begins moving to the door so I follow him on two feet. "No, on your knees, crawling." I go back down onto all fours and crawl across the cold, hardwood floor.

Four hours of training and I have yet to finish. My knees ache from crawling everywhere, ny hands are filthy and my back is slightly sore. I thought this Fifty Shades of Grey type stuff only happened in movies and pornographies but I was sadly mistaken.

Harry had Sophie and Hannah tell me about their experiences from when they first began training, not surprising though, they loved every bit of it. Harry dissappeared a while ago up into his room and the sound of running bath water sounds from up the stairs.

"Camila!" I stand upon my feet and walk until I get to the stairs and get back down into my knees. "Come upstiars, and continue to crawl too."

I crawl up the wooden stairs and push Harry's door open with my arm. The lights in his room are off but the light in the bathroom isn't. I take a wild guess and guess that he is in their so I follow the light and enter the bathroom. With his back turned towards me, searching through a cabinet, Harry mutters "take your clothes off and get into the tub."

My pulse quicken but I'm not scared nor nervous. Just taken back by his boldness. "Hesitation is a form of disobedience." I slowly strip from my clothes, my eyes glued onto Harry making sure he doesn't take any peeks back as I slide into the warm tub water. I hear the sound of a belt hitting the floor and I twist my head to see Harry also steipping down from his clothes. "Keep your eyes foward, focused onto the night sky and trees." I nod and try to steady my breaths as I hug my knees to my chest.

Harry slides into the tub behind me and my breathing stops for a short second. He postions both of his legs on either side of me and I swear if he were to get any closer he could hear my heart beating. "Sit back and put your knees down." I slowly retract my knees from my chest and let them sink back down into the water as I scoot back inch by inch.

His large firm arms find there way around my waist and pull me back so my back is leaning agaisnt his chest. "Whatever happens don't fight it. Resisting will result in pinishment."

"What do you mean?" (A/N: In Justin Bieber voice.) He softly shushes me and places and wet finger on my lips. "Did I give you permission to speak?"

"No but it was just a simple question." he shakes his head and pulls my body back closer to his. "It does not matter. I did not give you permission to speak, did I?" I shake my head no.

"No shaking or nodding, you will now use your words at all times. Understand?"

"Yeah." his hands rest on my stomach and he pinches at the skin. "No, use the full sentence and only reply with yes or no." I inhale a sharp breath and let it drift out.

"Yes sir, I understand."

Authors Note:

So im four days late on updating... oops. Extremely sorry though! Since the semester is getting ready to end I've been having so many projects, exams and test to study for and I haven't really had time to update. That and I had writers block for a few days. Next chapter will be vv interesting, I PROMISE! Next time Ill update will be someone between the weekend and next Wednesday!

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