Yuri story

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                St.Rurim school,one of the most prestigious all-girl school.The school area is just simply huge.It evens include a mountain.With that said,this school must have had an epic history.Especially the principal,since he rarely even appeared before the students,let alone the teachers.

*In one of the classes,class 2-C*

Teacher:Alright girls,I’m gonna give you the results of your test for your favourite subject,which is Maths…

Girls:     Awwwww ~~~

Teacher:Now then,everyone did well,except for Aki.Your marks are the lowest of all.I’m afraid you have to take the remake test.

Aki:        Ehhhhh ~ Do I have to ? *pout mouth*

Teacher:Yes you do young girl.Now then,the highest one goes to Nayami as usual.Aki,if you want,you should ask her to tutor you.Remember,your remake test is in three days time.

Aki:        *sigh* Fine… *Buu ~ Why did I have low marks anyway…If it weren’t for that,I wouldn’t take the remake test…

Kazu:     That so lucky of you ~ You have Nayami-chan,one of the most popular girl in our school to tutor you ~

Aki:        Really??Heheheh jealous heh?Well I really hope I can co-op with her.I don’t want to be a pain to her…Okay then,let me ask first

*Aki approaches Nayami*

Aki:        Umm…Nayami-chan??

Nayami: Hmm??

Aki:        Could you uhh…help me with the remake test?

Nayami:Well sure,of course but…*smiles then stood up,hold Aki’s chin to make her face her* What’s in for me *smirk*

Aki:        Uhh…how about I make you lunch?

Nayami:Hmm…okay then,see you tomorrow

Kazu:     Woah she even stares into your eyes

Aki:        Is that even a problem?

Kazu:     In case you don’t know,lots of girls are dying for her to be their ‘onee-sama’ .And you just got her to look you eye to eye just like that.

Aki:        Still…I don’t see the problem…Beside,if shes popular,she might have a lover or something

Kazu:     True true…Anyways good luck for tomorrow

Aki:        Sankyu ~~

Next day…

After about 30 minutes of maths teaching….

Aki:        Ughhh…My brain…It hurts….

Nayami:Now now,it’s only part of the process.Bear with okay?

Aki:        How do you study for this anyway?Is soooo confusing

Nayami:Practice makes perfect

Aki:        Practice huh….Speaking of which,Nayami-chan,do you mind if I ask you a question?

Nayami:Well what is it?

Aki:        Do you have a lover?

Nayami:A lover ?Why do you ask?Oh I get it.This must be some random question coming from one of your friends huh

Aki:        Well…Sort of.But I am curious.I mean you’re pretty and clever and almost the dream girl of anyone…