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Pen Your Pride

Yuri story

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                St.Rurim school,one of the most prestigious all-girl school.The school area is just simply huge.It evens include a mountain.With that said,this school must have had an epic history.Especially the principal,since he rarely even appeared before the students,let alone the teachers.

*In one of the classes,class 2-C*

Teacher:Alright girls,I’m gonna give you the results of your test for your favourite subject,which is Maths…

Girls:     Awwwww ~~~

Teacher:Now then,everyone did well,except for Aki.Your marks are the lowest of all.I’m afraid you have to take the remake test.

Aki:        Ehhhhh ~ Do I have to ? *pout mouth*

Teacher:Yes you do young girl.Now then,the highest one goes to Nayami as usual.Aki,if you want,you should ask her to tutor you.Remember,your remake test is in three days time.

Aki:        *sigh* Fine… *Buu ~ Why did I have low marks anyway…If it weren’t for that,I wouldn’t take the remake test…

Kazu:     That so lucky of you ~ You have Nayami-chan,one of the most popular girl in our school to tutor you ~

Aki:        Really??Heheheh jealous heh?Well I really hope I can co-op with her.I don’t want to be a pain to her…Okay then,let me ask first

*Aki approaches Nayami*

Aki:        Umm…Nayami-chan??

Nayami: Hmm??

Aki:        Could you uhh…help me with the remake test?

Nayami:Well sure,of course but…*smiles then stood up,hold Aki’s chin to make her face her* What’s in for me *smirk*

Aki:        Uhh…how about I make you lunch?

Nayami:Hmm…okay then,see you tomorrow

Kazu:     Woah she even stares into your eyes

Aki:        Is that even a problem?

Kazu:     In case you don’t know,lots of girls are dying for her to be their ‘onee-sama’ .And you just got her to look you eye to eye just like that.

Aki:        Still…I don’t see the problem…Beside,if shes popular,she might have a lover or something

Kazu:     True true…Anyways good luck for tomorrow

Aki:        Sankyu ~~

Next day…

After about 30 minutes of maths teaching….

Aki:        Ughhh…My brain…It hurts….

Nayami:Now now,it’s only part of the process.Bear with okay?

Aki:        How do you study for this anyway?Is soooo confusing

Nayami:Practice makes perfect

Aki:        Practice huh….Speaking of which,Nayami-chan,do you mind if I ask you a question?

Nayami:Well what is it?

Aki:        Do you have a lover?

Nayami:A lover ?Why do you ask?Oh I get it.This must be some random question coming from one of your friends huh

Aki:        Well…Sort of.But I am curious.I mean you’re pretty and clever and almost the dream girl of anyone…

Nayami:Well Aki,unfortunately no I don’t have one.You know boys are a bit different in terms of this so called relationships.Between that is the feeling love.Indeedlove is a wonderful thing,a simply magnificent feeling which only can be obtain for free,yet people especially the boys misuse the feeling such as an innocent girl for their own entertainment…Which is why I don’t want to be in a relationship now….But it’s a different case if it was you Aki *smirk*

Aki:        Uhh…*blush* Okay then !! Lets continue !!!

Nayami:*Awww she’s so cute when she blush*

After the long day of studying,they decided to take a break.Aki,made a homemade lunch as requested by Nayami…

Nayami:Thanks for the food…Wow this is pretty good

Aki:        Hehehe thanks…Glad you like it

Nayami:Here *about to feed Aki*

Aki:        Huh?What?

Nayami:Come on,just think of it as my gratitude for making me lunch…

Aki:        Uhh…okay….

Nayami:Well then good luck for the test Aki~

Aki:        Sankyu ~ Nayami-chan ~

Nayami:Here a good luck charm *kisses Aki’s cheek*

Aki:        Uhh…you don’t have to do that you know

Nayami:I can’t help it,you’re just too cute ~

After the 3 days are over,finally it’s the day of the remake test…Aki was well-prepared now thanks to Nayami.After a few days,her result are out and apparently,she got a high mark,higher than her previous marks.She decided to tell Nayami about this…

Aki:        Nayami-chan !! Look look !! I got good result from the test !!

Nayami:Good for you Aki *pat pat*

Aki:        Hehehe if it’s okay with you,wanna go to the amusement park tomorrow?As my thank you for helping me…

Nayami:Sure,anything is fine

Next day….

Aki was very picky on her clothing that she was 15 minutes late…Luckily for her,Nayami was waiting for her…smiling at her and compliment on how cute she was.Their first stop is none other than the roller coaster,and then the Haunted house…

At the haunted house,

Much like any other girl could’ve react,Aki was clinging by Nayami’s arm without even noticing…Such a romantic scene in the haunted house…Then,they’re to take a rest and eat ice cream….

Aki:        Here ya go Nayami-chan ~ *hand over ice-cream*

Nayami:Thank you Aki…Oh… *spotted some cream on Aki’s cheek and licks it*

Aki:        Hyaahnn !! Moh….Just tell me and I could’ve wipe it on my own *blush*

Nayami:You’re just too cute that’s why

Aki:        Buu ~ Okay then,let’s ride the ferris wheel to end the day

On the ferris wheel,Aki sat down beside Nayami,eventually,due to the hotness of the weather and walking,Aki fell asleep and lean towards Nayami.On the other hand,Nayami silently admiring the sleeping princess’s face….

Front of Aki’s home

Aki:        Thank you so much for going out with me Nayami-chan,I had so much fun with you today *smile*

Nayam:                Me too…At least I get to see your sleeping face

Aki:        *blush*well then,see you at schoo- *gasp*

Nayami just kissed Aki,stealing her first ever kiss…

Aki:        Hah…huh? Why did you do that? *blush and pant slightly from the kiss*

Nayami:Shh….*place one finger to the soft lips of Aki.Love doesn’t need reasons…does it?


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