Chapter 3: Banquets and Family Problems

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            I saw Tasha put her hand in the crook of Dimitri's arm and suppressed a glare. I saw my mother as I left the room and smiled.


"Mom, can you please just call me Rose?"

"What's wrong with Rosemarie?" She gave me a pointed glare.

"Nothing, nothing. Just long."

"I'm still calling you Rosemarie." I sighed and walked with her.

"Fine. Are you seriously on duty?"

"yes. Do you know Adrian Ivashkov?"

"No. Who's that?"

"A Moroi who has been wanting to meet you. If you so much as kiss him, I'll send you away. You don't need someone like that interfering in your career.

"Yes, ma'am." I laughed. We made it to the room it was being held in as Tasha endlessly flirted with my man. I entered the room and felt all eyes on me. Mom scanned the room before walking to a man. I couldn't see his face but guessed it was a friend of hers. A Moroi with jade green eyes and messy hair approached me.

"You must be Rose. I've waited to meet you." He said.

"So I've heard. Adrian, I presume?"

"Yes. Your beauty has been underestimated."

"How poetic. Excuse me." I said when I saw my mom and the man slip out. He grabbed my arm when I tried to  move past him. I froze.

"Get. Your. Hand. Off. Me." He put his hands up in surrender and smiled.

"Who's taken your heart, little dhampir?"

"No one." I lied.

"Why must you lie?" He grabbed my arm again.

"Adrian, let her go." Dimitri said from behind me.

"Ah,  Dimitri Wilhelm Belikov-Ivashkov. My cousin." Adrian looked up to Dimitri.

"It's Belikov. Just Belikov."

"Randall is your father. Ivashkov."

'He is the man who fathered me. That will never make him my father." Dimitri's voice was cold.

"Whatever Guardian Ivashkov. It's you isn't it? The guy who's taken this girl's heart?" Gladly, Tasha was out of hearing.

"No. Maybe you should see her boyfriend about that."

"Sure. But I'm pretty sure I'm looking at him. And I'm pretty sure that he's my cousin." I walked away and found my mother outside. She couldn't see me, nor could the man so I stayed against the wall.

"Ibrahim, she's seventeen. You'll get her killed." Mom hissed.

"Not if she's always with Belikov as you say."

"Just because they're together doesn't mean he can always be with her. And now that Lady Ozera is pressuring their relationship, they have been trying to keep some distance from each other." My mom knew that Dimitri and I were together?

"He'll keep her safe. I haven't seen her since she was four, Janie. I need to see my daughter."

"Abe, if you hurt her....I'll assure that you'll never get to see your daughter again."

"Is that a yes?"

"Fine. She doesn't like to be called Rosemarie. She likes Rose. She's wearing a black dress. She has long brown-black hair, and she'll probably be around Belikov. Just wait. Don't leave right after me." I hurried away and found Dimitri.

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