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My Dearest Maya

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My dearest Maya

We've had a wonderful two years 

In each other's lovely company

Remember when I first found you

On that sunny day in the pet store?

The others all looked the same

Only you were different

With your tan silky head

And the long stripe running down your back

You alone had a mischievous gleam 

In your tiny beady black eyes

I knew at once that you were the one

That would be coming home with me

Remember how curious you were?

You were so excited and full of wonder

Exploring your new hammock and your chube

Remember when we played outside

and how you would hop and run about on the grass?

It was unbelievably cute and sweet

It made me love you even more

Do you remember how you used to lick my fingers?

Your itty bitty tongue was so smooth and soft

I treasure every single ratty kiss

I loved to stroke your small velvety ears

And peck the tip of your quivering nose

Others shuddered at your naked little rat tail

But I thought it was awesome

Just another perfect piece of my new little friend

Remember how you once rolled over in the grass

And let me scratch and rub your furry little tummy?

It made me laugh aloud 

and your funny little antics

Remember how you would run around in circles over my shoulders

Tickling me mercilessly?

I loved watching you hide in my hair

Or slide off my shoulders into my waiting hands

You hated baths

Remember when you tried to leap out of them?

I had to hold you down to scrub you with a toothbrush 

And then you'd poop

I apologize for the times I neglected to clean your cage on time

Shame on me for the times I forgot or put it off

I do hope you forgive me


Do you recall how I never closed your cage door

Not until you were safely and happily back in your cage?

That door won't be closing now

Now that you've moved on and are exploring Heaven before me

So unfair my dearest little Maya

But I still love you

I'll miss you

So very very much

To quote my favorite children's book

Just for you my dearest Maya...

"I love you to the moon and back"

Because that is a very long ways indeed...

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