Dangerous Woods and Life in a cave

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Hey there guys... so sorry i havent been able to update lately... been so busy with school and other crap... I hope this chapter is good because I am writing it in school... Look at me being bad... Or at least i started writing it in school... And I'm still in school so... Woooo!

-in the flying ship thing-

Bloom groaned and sat up, holding her head, looking around at the others who were also starting to get up. "Everyone alright?" She called out.

"I believe so..." Musa said and stretched, wincing. The others nodded except for Stella who whined.

"I broke a nail!" The others groaned and rolled their eyes.

"Stella that isnt as important as other things such as we crashed and still have to get to Flora." Musa sighed and got up, looking around the ship as Stella pouted. The others all got up as well and looked around, Techna and Timmy immediately going to the control board of the ship.

"The circuitry is down and the systems are fried." Techna muttered and Timmy nodded in response. 

"Seemed like some sort of conversion spell was set up to hit any ship that goes by." Timmy said. Bloom comes over with Sky and frowns.

"Can it be fixed quickly?" Bloom asked, anxious to save her friend as quickly as possible.

Techna sighed and shook her head. "No... We cant fix it in enough time to save Flora... I suggest we leave the ship and start walking."

The others all sighed and nodded, before all filing out of the ship. Once outside they find themselves in dark forest, surrounded by tense trees and vines. Creepy animal sounds trail out from the trees and Stella gulps, stepping back towards the ship. "P-Perhaps I should stay here? S-Someone needs to w-watch the ship right?" She starts to hurry back into the ship when Layla grabs her arm and pulls her back.

"Stella. We need to get to Flora. We do not have time for you to get scared. You are a strong girl with your own magic! All together we can get through this! Without you we cant! So please. Come on!" She exclaims and Stella sighs before nodding.

"Alright... When you put it that way... I'm coming..." She smiles softly and Layla hugs her, which is a lot of emotion coming from the tough fairy for such a short amount of time.

"Thank you..."

Bloom then nods and turns to the forest, puffing out her chest.

"We've got this guys. Okay? We are already in Lynphea! We just have to get to Flora. Lets do this!" She exclaims and everyone shouts in reply, before the group all set off into the impending darkness.

-back in the cave-

I've laid on the cool floor of the cave for a long while before I sigh and sit up. Not only does my body ache, but my stomach growls hungrily. I put one hand to my stomach and wince softly.

Looking about I get up and start to walk to the opening of the cave that the Trix left out of. It leads into a small-ish hallway in the rock and a breeze comes from the end of the area. I shiver and smile. Immediately I walk forward, wanting and itching so badly to get out of this retched place.

Its not that I dont like these caves, I mean I used to adventure in them all the time when I was young. They are a deep grey blue color and glitter with small pieces of sparkly rock all over the place. Every now and then I even found a fossil of ancient plants, in which I have been trying to bring back.

But as I grew up, I started to spend less and less time in the caves. There wasn't much nature in them, and despite their beauty, I grew nauseous the longer I was in them. So it was with this thought that I hurried my pace to the breeze. I soon found myself in a smaller cavern from before, with a few furnishings. There's a few chairs and even a couch. I chuckle to myself to think the Trix actually wanted comfort in the caves for themselves.

Its now that I notice a rock seems to have been pushed in front of part of the cave wall, and its from that direction that the breeze and the smell of fresh comes from.

My eyes widen and I immediately rush to the rock, studying it as I get there. Almost immediately I can tell that its small enough of a rock to be pushed away with brute strength alone. Trembling with my thoughts of luck I immediately press my hands to the rock blocking the exit.

However, the moment my hands come in contact with the rock, a burst of electricity leaps from my collar and runs down my body. My eyes go wide and I scream out, crumbling to the floor and twitching about. As the shock dies, I lay there, wide eyed and panting, my hair poofed a little from the electricity.

"Tsk tsk little fairy... We told you if you tried to leave it would shock you! So don't try it again or it will be a hundred times worse." The voice of Icy rings through the air and I wince, looking about for her, but she's not around. The voice was connected to a spell on the rock.

I wince and groan as I get up on shaky and trembling legs. I barely make I to the nearby couch before I collapse again, wincing. I sigh as I face the rock, my body feeling heavy from the shock.  its a few minutes later that I pass out, yet again.

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