Anime prank calls! ~Bleach~ Grimmjow!

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Me: Who should we prank next?

Mikki: I have no idea. ^^"

Me: I got it! Let's get Grinnjow!

Mikki: Alright. ^^

Me: *Dials number*

Grimmjow: Hello?

Me: is your refridgerator running? ^^

Grimmjow: No.

Me: then dose'nt your ice cream melt?

Grimmjow: I don't like ice cream. -_-

Me: WHAT?! How can you not like ice cream? O.O

Grimmjow: I just don't. -__-

Mikki: Do you like milk and cheese?

Grimmjow: yes.

Me: then why don't you like Ice cream Kitty boy?!

Grimmjow: What did you call me?!

Me: you heard me!

Grimmjow: Call me that again and see what happens!

Mikki: Awww, is the kitty mad cuz' he dose'nt have his catnip? ^^

Grimmjow: I'm gonna kill you!

Me: HA! You'll never find me! NEVER!! *Laughs like a crazy person*

Grimmjow: *Hangs up*

Mikki: *luaghing* i thought a kitty would like ice cream, it's made from milk and cream! XD

me: I know! It doesn't make sense! Next he'll say that he'll hate fish and catnip! XD

Mikki: Um...Did you take off the caller ID?

Me: O.O Uh....No. Is that bad?

Grimmjow: *Busts in* There you are you stupid fox!

Me: O.O Crap! Run away! *Runs as fast as I Can*

Grimmjow: You'r mine! *Leaps at me*

Me: *Ducks under the window and Grimmjow falls out*

Me: YAY!!! I'm safe! ^^

Mikki: Did you tell him that we're on the 18th floor?

me: No. Why? ^^"

Mikki: Never mind. ^^"