Nishinoya Yuu ; 雪 (H)

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If you're wondering the 雪 means; "Yuki" "Snow".

Also sorry if the characters seem a little OOC. It's a little hard to keep them in character and I'm also running my imagination as to how they'd react to their girlfriends.

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It's the first day of January; the day screamed refreshment, blooming love and an unlimited amount of luck to last the whole year round. Today you and Yuu (heh) managed to take time off from University and decided to visit back to Sendai--Nishinoya's hometown.

You wanted to visit a nearby shrine which of course your beloved chibi boyfriend agreed with. He always loved to do whatever you wanted to do with him. It made everything special is what he always said.

So with high hopes you both visited the shrine at 7 in the morning, since it was one of the things on your list that you've always wanted to do with him; holding hands and walking around the snowy path. It hadn't built up that much yet but the snow has piled up quite a bunch.

"Are you cold?" He asks, grasping you hands tighter, his nose a little red.

"No" you giggled, you thought it was cute that he was still very attentive to you, despite the fact you've been dating for 2 years; you loved that part of him so much. "I'm warm enough with you around" you smiled shyly at him, blushing a bit.

He turned away blushing a little bit but then turned back to look at you, "A-always for you", he held both of your hands, bringing them up to his face and kissing it. It brought you a new glow not just on your face but your whole body, after all, you're both in public, not that he cuts back from the affection when you're both out.

"Let's go?" He asked smiling.

He always really liked looking cool especially in front of you.

"Yes" you smiled back, and started to walk but was brought to a halt when Nishinoya bumped into someone.

"Sorry!" He almost screamed and grabbed hold of the person in front of him, it was a girl, she had long black locks and glasses, she looked so beautiful.

"AH!!!" He exclaimed. He let go of your hand as instantly as he screamed, "Kiyoko-senpai!!!" He continued.

He rubbed the back of his head out of embarrassment with a slight flush of redness on his face, "it's the cold' you told yourself.

"It's been a while, Nishinoya." She greeted and bowed slightly

"Y-yeah, it's been a while", Yuu stuttered.

"Visiting Sendai? Oh, by the way, tonight, there's a small gathering at Ukai-san's place. Although not everyone is going to be there" she invited him, he nodded right as she said so, with his arms in front of him clenched tight, he was obviously very ecstatic and now it was pissing you off.

"See you" she waved away and started walking 'till she noticed you and motioned a little "oh". She blinked a couple of times and then smiled at waved at you which made you feel a bit embarrassed. "What, why am I embarrassed" you kicked yourself in the gut.

You were pouting a little when you glanced at Nishinoya, he was smiling from ear to ear. You looked down and gripped your jacket.

"Sorry, sorry, let's go!" He turned back at you and grabbed your hand. You stared at his back, he didn't even bother introducing you to his acquaintance and now he just brushed it off while being all happy giddy?!

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